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Welcome to the second edition of our new FutureEd newsletter.
We are excited to be co-hosting the Education Writers Association's 2017 National Seminar at Georgetown later this month. The event brings together some 600 journalists and policymakers for three days of presentations, panel discussions, and debates on a range of education issues. We hope you can join us at the event. 

Meanwhile, take a minute to read the new work on our website.
Our latest Explainer feature explores the writings of Candice Jackson, the acting head of the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, for clues to how she will handle everything from sexual assault on campus to racial disparities in schools.
When Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said recently, "There really isn't any Common Core anymore," FutureEd senior fellow Morgan Polikoff explained how the common standards are working-- and not working-- in schools across the country. When the Wall Street Journal labeled critics of vouchers "school choice deniers," research advisor Doug Harris set the record straight .
Marguerite Roza, our partner at Georgetown's Edunomics Lab, took a look at the emerging strategy of paying schools only if they're educating their students successfully. Michael Gottfried, a University of California Santa Barbara researcher, talked to us about how African American and Latino kindergartners have fewer reports of bad behavior when their teachers are the same race as their students.
And Phyllis Jordan, our editorial director, told the revealing story of how chronic absenteeism went from a wonky concept to the No. 1 non-academic indicator states are using in their new ESSA accountability plans. Look for more from us on non-academic metrics, particularly school culture and climate, in the coming weeks.
The Churn is a new addition to our site. It tracks leadership changes in the education world--whether in government, school districts, nonprofits or journalism.  You can read The Churn and more on our website .
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