Everybody Paddles


"Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life's deepest joy: True Fulfillment."

-Anthony Robbins


For a long time, life was simply about ME. Conversations were surrounded around how much I wanted to accomplish my career goals, how stressful the whole process was for ME, how I could better ME, etc. It seemed like the only pronouns that I was familiar with were I and ME. The more I focused on where I wanted to go, the less I focused on the true purpose that we have on this earth. But as time progressed my heart became open to the possibility of understanding what it means to be selfless. More and more I realize how selfish human beings naturally are. All of us have the tendency to be egotistical; even though many of us may not be willing to admit it. But what if I told you that we were called to a life of selfless servant- hood? You were called to put yourself second and others first. Are you up for the challenge?


So there is all this talk about being a servant and serving others. But what exactly is servant-hood? In essence servant-hood is living a life that is centered on serving others. For us, it means seeking to meet the real needs of the one he/she serves. It means willingly giving yourself to helping others and doing whatever it takes to accomplish what is best for another. When serving others, your primary focus should never be on self-love. My question to you today is: how much are you willing to go out of your way or to be inconvenienced, even if it means getting no appreciation in return? How much are you willing to show your love to someone not just by your words but by your actions? What can your life of service show to others?


A Life of Service shows Kindness.


True kindness is displayed in the way that you treat others. What good is all you have gained if you have done nothing to help someone that is less fortunate than you are? How can we call ourselves good people and then turn our face away from someone who is in need? Are you doing anything to help, provide for, or love someone who is less fortunate than you are?


A Life of Service shows Integrity.


Your real integrity is shown in what you do when the spotlight is not on you and no one is looking. Do not do things to get praised and recognized. Do things because someone is in need and you have the ability to meet that need. Helping others is a tangible way to show others that they are loved despite their circumstances. Consider all the talents, gifts, and provisions that you have been blessed with. How can you use those gifts to be of service to someone else?


So I close with this: true love seeks to ensure the well-being of others at the expense of self. In order to truly serve others we must walk in love and overcome our tendency to be selfish. There is nothing like one who paddles cheerfully towards the betterment of others. Are you paddling today?




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Everybody Paddles

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