The Talk All Around Tenth

 A Lifetime of Service
Marquette Bids a Bittersweet Adios to Karen Breen, Sherry Remijas

Just after 3:00 pm today, the dismissal bell was scheduled to ring throughout the hallways of Marquette Catholic High School. It was to signal the final "regular" day of school before Finals Week. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that regular doesn't exist quite in the same capacity as we once thought.

For Mrs. Karen Breen and Mrs. Sherry Remijas, today is the end of a career that was anything but regular. Over a combined eight decades of lesson plans, grading homework at the kitchen table, and inspiring young minds, Breen and Remijas served multiple generations of families within the Marquette and Catholic Diocese of Gary communities. 

Fitzgerald and Cervantes would struggle to accurately capture the impact Breen, the long-time English instructor and former principal, and Remijas, the Spanish and French guru made on thousands of students in their formative years. A public relations director would most certainly fall short of paying proper tribute. 

So if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video we compiled is hopefully worth a million. 

We hope you enjoyed the Virtual Honors Day Presentation which just aired on our Facebook page and YouTube channel

We invite you back at 3:15 pm - the time the final bell was to ring - as we honor Mrs. Karen Breen and Mrs. Sherry Remijas for a lifetime of service. You'll hear from people who were there by their side for so many of the memories made during their exceptional careers.

But first, a message from principal Allyson Headd.