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retreat Did your mom dance crazy in the kitchen? Did she jump into rain puddles and splash just for the sheer joy and fun of it? Did she go outside and sing and dance in the rain? Did she put on music and just dance like no one was watching? Well mine did - and we thought she was a bit crazy but we also grew up thinking crazy was normal! I come by it naturally! Just in case you don't - or if you once did, but have lost that sensation of innocence and freedom of movement, here are just a few videos to help you be inspired to rediscover your movement - or to jump into the movement/health craze that's sweeping the world. If we look around us, in these stressful  times of absurd profane greedy behaviors in our culture of corporations and institutions, people are beginning to find their way back to fundamental grassroots living and discovering what is meaningful in life. Yes we are exploring our values, our core beliefs and yearning for new and better ways to cope with depression and anxiety. That's what we're all about with Dance On the Wild Side too. This journey comes natural to me - and all I can do is share and take great delight in watching the wonderful results! I often encourage people to step out of their box of stylized cliche movement and discover how their body really wants to move. This simple practice can release much burden and angst and help us to rediscover joy, pleasure and strength from within!
 Well here are some fun videos to watch and be inspired by! I have also included one of Ruth Thompson's beautiful poetry with movement video because it captures such magic of expression. Take your time and open them when you have some space and wish to be enlivened and inspired!   

Don't forget - I have just 2 special offerings this summer that are soothing, nurturing and just the perfect remedy for whatever ails you!!
Happy Summer With Love ~ Your Wild Woman
             Merlin Nakam & Bobby McFerrin

merlin nyakam - bobby mc ferrin - incroyable s??quence danse  - unbelievable dance
merlin nyakam - bobby mc ferrin - incroyable s??quence danse - unbelievable dance


Aunt Carol Usher
Aunt Carol Usher

Ruth Thompson - Summer
The Seasons - Summer
The Seasons - Summer

Ben Aaron Finds The Nameless Dance Walk Guru Master.
Ben Aaron Finds The Nameless Dance Walk Guru Master.
I know, I know... who is going to be the first to challenge me to  organize a Dance Walk? Well we already do it in Pulse Rhythm & Dance! But yes a community event seems to be on the horizon!
I'm open to your feedback about joining a dance walking craze!
XO - Your Wild Woman
And Please don't forget to honor your own beautiful self get moving with 2 special summer offerings......

7 week offering begins Wed July 4th
9  - 10:15 AM
648 3400
Register for the full 7 weeks or stop by as a walk-in

chakra goddess

Ask anyone who has taken this class - and you will hear about the profound and inspiring magic it has on your mind/body/spirit!


In August......
Slow Jam Dance
circle feet
Monday Evenings
7 - 8:15 PM
Slow Jam will use mellow, lush music and gesture, simple dance, chant and sound to create dances of peace and prayer.
In the heat of a summer evening, it is the perfect gift of body and soul to merge with nature and the elements. Move gracefully into contentment, peace and open to your quiet spaces. A chance to chill and jive in a groove of simplicity! 
Healing Waters Yoga Center

Monday Evenings August 6 - 27 
7 - 8:15 PM 
$55 Registration Required

Healing Waters Yoga


Lotus Abode

Shh.... yes we still have that ONE space left for the Sept 7 - 9 Women's Empowerment Retreat
at Lotus Abode.
There are 9 beautiful women registered and we have room for just one more! 
$175 includes
delicious organic food and snacks and lodging
Contact Emmy at

or 716 648 0160


fire dancer
Save the date....
August 8th 
Wild Woman Gathering 
at Emmy's Home Studio 
Registration required 
648 0160


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