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May 3, 2017

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Little girl jumps into dune
A little girl appears over the top of a dune as friends make a playful garden. Global Earth Exchange 2013,Cape Town, South Africa. Photo courtesy of di Koch.
Seven friends did their Global Earth Exchange for a South Africa beach with a troubled history--and then the present leaped into the past.
When Di Koch and her friends met at Alive Café in Muizenburg, a suburb of Cape Town, and made their way to the beach, they knew they were setting out to make beauty for a seriously wounded place.
In the 18th century, Muizenburg was a battleground between Dutch and French forces over which country would colonize the Cape. Decades later, apartheid laws permitted people to enjoy the beach only with those of their own color. Now the place suffered from ecological problems. Nearby communities pumped sewage directly into the ocean, and broken glass littered the sand. Worst, the year before, the bodies of two children had been found in the dunes.
At the vlei, the wetlands where the estuary meets the sea, the friends set out to create a whimsical new landscape that would mirror their hope that "the place be safe and healthy for all forms of life". They made a RadJoy bird of shells and kelp and a fanciful garden of seaweed and driftwood. At the water's edge they fashioned sea creatures that the tide could playfully reclaim. On a dune they etched stick figures of children holding hands.
As often happens when one pays attention to a wounded place, the place responded. As the friends were outlining the sand-children with seaweed, so they'd stand out on the dune, a real little girl, wearing pink boots and carrying a Teddy Bear, ran over the dune and jumped into the picture.
As one of the participants later remarked, "The event meant so much for me and awoke in me again that spirit of being alive to the earth's calling."
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The 9th annual Global Earth Exchange is Saturday, June 17! On this day people all over the world go to damaged places they care about, share their stories, and make a simple gift of beauty for the place. Our theme this year is...

Sharing Love of Place
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