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Lace Edged Bezels are SO Versatile.... A Few Pix Tonight....and Our Video on Friday Will Show You How!

I've been so excited for some time now to tell you about the new B'sue Boutiques Design Team.

While it may be true that I'm the "Idea Girl", others may have better ideas.   Your good friends have good advice to give you.   I am so blessed to have some of the best to give me creative advice, guidance, and share their that we can mutually increase YOUR skill set.

Team members are:

1.   Brassy Steamington, of Dr. Brassy's Steampunk at Etsy.

Here is something that Brassy made with B'sue components:

Luscious with that bit of green enamel on the silverware findings!

2.  Marcia Tuzzolino of Aurora Design.  Check out this piece she made with our findings:

  Over the top!   and a clever use of our components!

Marcia is also one of the admins for the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group

3. Cindy Cima Edwards has been involved doing many projects with the ICE RESIN Design Team over the last year.  With their kind permission, we sort of shared her a bit over the last months, as she's already written four tutorials for us.   Here's the latest:


Come and print out a copy of the tutorial here:

Parisian Girl

4.  Francesca Watson is an emerging metalsmith with a determination for excellence....and teaching!


She writes for Bead Chat Magazine Online as well as is the Art Jewelry Elements blog team.  She is REALLY excited about her newest venture....along with some other metalsmiths, she has opened the ROADHOUSE ARTS GALLERY:

You can travel there and be taught by Francesca in person, but we'll also be brainstorming some ideas on easy beginning jewelry techniques for B'sue Boutiques.

Here is a link to a retreat being sponsored at the Gallery:

5.  Michelle Mach is also a much-published artist.  Since 2007 she has been published over 100 times in your favorite beading and jewelry craft magazines!


Michelle has written four tutorials for us already.  Have you ever wanted to stamp letters on metal?   Michelle will teach you how here:

She made this pretty pendant:

You can visit her Etsy store here:

6.  No design team for B'sue would be complete without Kate Mulligan of Mulligan Stew, who uses my line to craft her gorgeous jewelry:

She probably knows what I carry better than I do....and is responsible for helping me brainstorm many of my more recent videos.

Kate's work is on display at the Riverside Art Gallery in Marietta, Ohio.   Here's her latest blog post about our last visit together:

7.  Kelly Cote is a newer jewelry maker who already understands that if you want the dream, you have to work it.  She's also a fifth-grade teacher....but what she really wants to do, is design jewelry!

Kelly does a fine job with video and we've already used a couple of her video pieces at our website, where we are now adding video links here and there to assist you in working with our components.

We'll be watching Kelly's artistic journey and anxious to hear her ideas about what newer makers want to accomplish.

8.  Rounding out the team is Linzi Alford, from the UK....who has also written quite a number of tutorials for us.  The last was how to make this Steampunk Tiara!


Linzi's FIRST BOOK is about to launch, as well!

You can get a copy here: 



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What Will the Design Team Do?


Brassy will give me advice on some new tricks from her ideas for simple kits...and bring me up to speed on what I can offer the Steampunk crowd.

Marcia is great with beading as well as working with mixed media.  She has some surface techniques that are amazing.  I can't wait for her to share them with us.

As mentioned, Kelly will be sharing her journey as a newer artist who is determined to 'make it'.   She has an excellent teaching style, and will be demonstrating more techniques for using findings in simple ways.

Michelle Mach is excellent at breaking things down to simple, cutting to the chase, and suggesting good things to be done.   I have always treasured her ideas and advice, since I first met her.   She enjoys working with products from B'sue Boutiques

Kate is my cohort in design, she's got more ideas than I ever had, and the time to work the bugs out of new techniques.  She'll share her discoveries with all of us, and you'll be able to print out her findings.

Linzi's journey has been amazing and her skill set is broad.  She's been quick to tell me about new products and advise on their use.

Cindy Cima Edwards is excellent with all things resin, and we definitely need a resident resinologist!   She, too, often appears in many of your favorite jewelry making magazines.

I need Francesca's viewpoint as a woman at the bench.    She started only 7 years ago and has come so far in so short a time....she has joy in her work and a great way with a word.    My goal is one day to make it to Texas to take some lessons from her, personally!

Their combined expertise and experience means new ideas to share with YOU.

Together,  we will reach our goals.

You can read more about the team and what we'll be doing here:

Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends



I wanted to show you this great photo that Lori Meyer shared with us this week at the  Creative Group:


I love the way she used the oval lace edged bezel to craft this piece.

Sometimes I think these humble little bezels are much over-looked as beign quite ordinary.  They aren't!  You can pull out loops as Lori did to craft all manner of designs.

I made this piece many years ago, before resin was really taking off, with a lace edged bezel and an art bubble....over an image:


An art bubble over an image, set down in a lace edged bezel is a fast way to make jewelry with resin to set up, and lots of possibilities!  Pendants, charms, earrings....purse pulls....

Our video this weekend we'll center on those possibilities.  I will develop an easy cameo project for you that won't take long to craft---and will get your own ideas flowing!

Here is where to find them at our website:

Art bubbles are found here:

Cameos have been restocked AGAIN just yesterday....find them here:

We'll see you at The B'sue Boutiques You Tube Channel

We have over 95 videos for your perusal....all free instruction, showing you how to use the best in mixed media products and brass stampings from B'sue Boutiques Jewelry Supplies


Lauren added over 25 new things to our Etsy store today!  I also renewed over 30 listings....and cut price on many of them, as well:

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Want to brainstorm with us?  I always enjoy hearing from you.   If you have ideas for videos using our products or for our newsletter or a new creative challenge, why not let me know?    Just write me back from the newsletter!

Here's to making jewelry....and sharing the joy!