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A Long Term Deep Cleanse
January 2018
Article by 
Edward D. Wagner DC

This is the perfect time to start a 4 month detox program. Many of you have not done a proper cleanse and it is really important to do so. Nothing is worse than having a congested, sluggish, lymph system, a liver that is overwhelmed in toxins, a gallbladder filled with sludge and muscles saturated in acid. Even worse is having a condition called "thick sticky blood".  Most of these conditions start out in the bowels whereby the microbiome slowly becomes deranged if not pathogenic. 

What is the end result of a toxic system? The list is broad and includes fatigue because the hormone levels decrease or become imbalanced. The second is achy and stiffness because the body can no longer rid itself of lactic acid. The body then tells the mind to not exercise because it is more comfortable being less active. The weight increases and pockets of fat develop. Dark circles around the eyes develop and the cheeks and nose appear to enlarge. Basically, as you look in the mirror you might say under your breath, "your grotesque!"

I have been writing programs for 48 years helping thousands of patients. I think a 4 month program is a winner, because short programs don't go deep enough and there isn't enough time to change behavior. We need the time to create a new you with lasting results. The following is what I suggest:
The first month we concentrate on the digestive track and the colon. I would recommend multiple types of digestive enzymes, a colon cleanse and probiotics plus eliminating key foods of toxicity. 

The second month we would concentrate on the liver, the main organ of detoxification. For this month there would be several products including herbs and a powder to restore as much function as possible. 

The third month we concentrate on the kidneys, the great filter system. Herbs and liquid extracts are the key factors for your kidneys.

The forth month we need to cleanse the lymph system.

If you start now, you will look much better during the summer. In fact, what I am hoping for is that you will feel so good and your physical appearance has improved substantially enough that you will permanently change some of your habits that have been detrimental to your health.

Call my office and make an appointment to go over this or just order the program and follow it.  I hope you do this for yourself and rely on my expertise to guide you.

Wouldn't it be better to have an exam that leads to the discovery of the causes and then treat the underlying causes and help the body recover or even better, be evaluated and treated before any big problem arises and maintain good health through your years.  This is what we do at my office.  We have every alternative health care professional in one location to offer you the true experience of a thorough evaluation and treatment.  In other words, we treat the cause rather than the name of the condition. 
Nobody does it better than Wagner Holistic Center.  Make an appointment and bring a list of your concerns or ailments.  Even better, if you feel good, let us evaluate you for any imbalance before there is a symptom complex.

 Always look for the natural cure.  Spread the word and 
tell your friends who may be suffering.
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