These SHIPS will Sail!

Let me tell you about Scott. Years ago we pastored in the same area and developed a FRIENDSHIP . From this we began to enjoy some great FELLOWSHIP . Today, I would call him my best friend in the ministry- a true God-honoring RELATIONSHIP

When I began serving as President of Friends of Nazareth, Scott was the first person to call and congratulate me. He offered his support and encouragement. Last fall Scott sent three members of his church staff with Friends of Nazareth on its October Spiritual Enrichment Journey. These men preached, journeyed, served, labored, and learned about FON's work, the Nazareth Baptist School, and Evangelical ministry in the Holy Land. 

So moved by these experiences, these men and Scott, began to pray about how their church could be involved in our work. I was invited to preach in their church not long after the October Journey. Afterwards, I was so moved when they told me they wanted to establish a PARTNERSHIP (monthly support, intercession, involvement) with FON and that they planned to challenge their church in STEWARDSHIP . At the end of 2018 this amazing church stepped up in an enormous way to make sure we met our $100,000 challenge. In fact, this church gave a sizable sum that helped ensure that the $100,000 match was met! Praise the Lord! Glory! 

See, the PARTNERSHIP and STEWARDSHIP all began with a FRIENDSHIP . Question...Who is it in your circle of friends that may be ready to 'set sail' with Friends of Nazareth and reach children in Jesus' hometown and at the Nazareth Baptist School? God may choose to use you to help get them 'on board'. 

Sail On...

Dr Roger D. Mardis, President 
Friends of Nazareth