Volume 70 | March 26, 2021
Our COVID Year in Review
It has been a challenging year.

A little more than one year ago we shut down our administrative offices and closed our facilities to public access. Like most companies, this was part of our progressive response to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. However, as an organization that provides essential and property management services we adjusted our operations and continued to meet the increasing needs of our clients.

While most of world shut down, we expanded services to provide more nutritional support for clients and provide PPE to clients and staff. Additionally, we expanded our network of community partners, added more program staff to meet these extra needs and improved our technology infrastructure to expand our virtual platforms so staff and clients could access video conferencing services and digital document signing and sharing.

Through it all we were able to protect clients, staff, and the public from exposure to COVID-19. Although not perfect our positivity rates were low with only 12 known client cases and 9 known staff cases over the past year. As we move forward, we are continuing our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and focusing on educating on clients and staff on vaccination. We successfully implemented a mobile clinic in one residential project with 23 clients and staff and look forward to replicating that effort in other projects.

Finally, I thank you to all of our Board of Directors, funders, and community partners. The only way we were able to "stand in the gap" for our clients over the past year is with your unwavering support.

President & CEO
AIRS | EHM | City Steps
Women's History Month
March is Women's History Month and we celebrate and acknowledge the impact of women on our work at AIRS | EHM | City Steps.

Since the founding of AIRS in 1987 women have had been critical to shaping the mission and vision of our supportive housing work. Since the beginning women have served in leadership roles on our board of directors and in leading the day-to-day operations of our programming. Today, women make up 75% of our management team and 87.5% of board of directors.
Additionally, 100% of our clinical staff are women!

Simply put, we wouldn't be the same without the contributions of these dynamic women.

We thank all of you for your dedication, tireless support and vision!
AIRS Selected for NIDA SAT2HIV Project
We are excited to finally announce that AIRS was selected as a participant in the first cohort of the National Institute on Drug Abuse SAT2HIV-II Project!

This project offers financial incentives to HIV service organizations and their staff to determine if achieving pre-defined performance criteria can be improved with the integration of a motivational interviewing-based brief intervention for substance use.

Under the direction of the Director of Permanent Supportive Housing Candace Drummond and Gina Epps, the Assistant Director, our Substance Abuse Case Manager Toni Blair is leading our participation in this project.

Congratulations to the team for securing our participation in the project and good luck with the implementation!
Client Corner
The AIRS | EHM | City Steps Client Corner is the space we dedicate in this newsletter to highlight clients succeeding in our programming. We ask the same three questions each month to profile their journey with us. This month, we profile Winston a client in our adult housing division.

1. What brought you to AIRS?
I am originally from New York City. I grew up in foster care and never experienced a stable place to live. After being in and out of rehab, I decided to move to Baltimore in 2008. My friends told me about AIRS; I applied and waited. In October, 2010 when I was 27 I moved into my first apartment.
2. How has AIRS affected your life?
Before AIRS, I had no idea how to manage a household or cook for myself. I only owned two pair of jeans! My Case Managers supported me and connected me to resources. Having a stable living situation, I now have security and don’t have to worry: “What’s going to happen to me if I have medical problems?” Right now I am living with skin cancer and am grateful I can concentrate on getting better without worrying about paying rent.
I started drinking at 13 years of age, but stopped eight months ago when I chose to take the recommendation of the AIRS’s Substance Use counselor. She told me about Vivitrol; a monthly injection to help people stop drinking. I had never heard of this before. I am clear that if I hadn’t gone to AIRS I would have never heard about Vivitrol and stopped drinking. Even my doctor didn’t tell me about it!” This past January, I celebrated my 38th birthday. To be honest, it’s the first birthday celebration I actually remember.

3. What does the future hold for you?
Before AIRS I thought I was lost and would never have anything. Being in the program has showed me how strong I am. I like to put it like this: AIRS gives you a spoon, but you need to feed yourself. My health is improving and I have a vision of moving into a new house and starting my own business. I want to continue to make good decisions and use the opportunities presented to me.
We're Hiring!
We are always looking for good people to join our team! 

If you are passionate about helping others and the supportive housing services we provide at AIRS | EHM | City Steps, please consider working with us. 

Take a look at our current openings. If any of these opportunities peak your interest, submit your resume and cover letter to info@airshome.org (or as instructed on the job description) and include the opening that interests you in the subject line. 

To find out more information about a specific opening please call us at 410.576.5070.
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AIRS provides supportive housing, emphasizing self-sufficiency, for low-income and homeless individuals and families living with and at risk of HIV/AIDS.
EHM is a non-profit Community Housing Development Organization whose mission is to develop, manage and maintain affordable residential properties for low-income people and those with disabilities.
City Steps is a consortium of residential programs that provides housing for homeless and unstably housed youth ages 18-24 and services that include case management, life skills and clinical workforce development assistance.