LCN, a network of churches with a passion to make 1,000,000 disciples by 2025.
Brian Bloye, Vice President of LCN, reflects on the progress of LCN in 2016.
Matt Willmington from TRBC shares with LCN the importance of building teams and how to lead them.
Rob Wetzel
LCN Director
Raleigh, NC

"I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to be a part of seeing disciple-making happen through the pastors and ministries that make up the Liberty Church Network family. A look back at 2016 saw over 6,389 new disciples made nationally and 44 church plants established through our LCN member churches. Through our international partnerships we saw over 377,801 new disciples made though 13,429 churches and church plants. We are well on the way to see 1,000,000 new disciples made by 2025. Praise the Lord!"

Gabe Turner
The Point Church
Charlottesville, VA

"Our LCN Charlottesville local center launched on August 23 of this year with several pastors in attendance across many denominational and network lines. From pastors in the pre-launch stage of planting to seasoned planters and pastors, kingdom leaders from Charlottesville, the surrounding region, and even Harrisonburg, gathered to discuss the state of the church in the area and dreamed of what it could like to collaborate in the years to come for greater kingdom impact in this city."

Nathan Cline
Winston-Salem Local Center
Winston-Salem, NC

"Great leaders don't have all of the right answers, but they do know what questions to ask and where to FIND the right answers. This idea is a great model for an LCN Local Center Leader. 

One of the most effective ways utilized by our Local Center in equipping and coaching leaders to make disciples is tapping into the knowledge that is already at the table. Every local center is blessed to have guys with different experience levels, different gifts and talents, and different areas of expertise in ministry."

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