Provider Spotlight
Tanya Hoar
Tanya Hoar,
Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

When I was very young, I had a sick family member who I was allowed to visit in the Pediatric ICU. Seeing how much was needed and the passion that the health care providers had for this child and work had a significant impact on me. I studied hard in school, and eventually became a Registered Nurse and was fortunate enough to work in that same Pediatric ICU for a few years while I was continuing my education to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I carry that strong passion for pediatric patients into my own practice now and have moved into a primary care setting here at KCHC. I have always been interested in the medical field and chose to be a Nurse Practitioner because I embrace the focus on patient and family education as well as helping sick children get well.

Kenosha is my hometown. To be able to be a part of this community center makes me feel that I am able to give something back to the people and city where I was raised. I have always viewed Kenosha as home, and when I had children of my own, I was eager to return to the area. I appreciate the ideals and values within this community and I want to be a part of empowering growth and excellence here for the future.
Why is preventative health care important?
Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are responsible for 7 of every 10 deaths among Americans each year and account for 75% of the nation’s health spending. These chronic diseases can be largely preventable through close partnership with your healthcare team, or can be detected through appropriate screenings, when treatment works best.
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