Provider Spotlight
Antoinette Green
Antoinette Green, DNP

Hello, my name is Antoinette Green I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner at KCHC. I care for patients from infant to geriatrics. I have 23 years of nursing experience and have been practicing as a Nurse Practitioner for the last seven years. I received my Doctoral in Nursing Practice from Concordia University Wisconsin.; obtaining my Doctoral degree has allowed me to be able to deliver the highest level of care in my practice. My education and years of experience of working in family practice and the hospital setting permit me to address your acute and chronic health concerns.

My goal is to partner with my patients and be an advocate on their behalf. Whether it’s fighting for you to have a necessary medicine or a diagnostic test, I will do my part to ensure you are receiving the best care, and I don’t settle at anything less. I also believe a great attitude means everything, and a smile goes a long way. I look forward to partnering with you to serve your health care needs.

Furthermore, my goal is to provide the best evidence-based care to achieve optimal outcomes.
How can I improve my health?
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