A Decade of Excellence

This month at 3rd Street, we are celebrating an important milestone for two  respected team members: Joi Jackson-Morgan and Ronnishia Johnson. They have been part of the 3rd Street Family for 10 years, and we can only begin to express our gratitude for their unwavering hearts and service.

3rd Street began in 2005 with the mission to help youth, ages 12-24, from Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) make healthy and safe decisions that improve their physical, emotional, and social health, empowering them to become successful, contributing adults. For the past ten years, Joi and Ronnishia have been staples of our community and helped positively impact thousands of young people in BVHP and the surrounding District 10 area.

Between them, the two have built, run, or supported our evolution into housing, gender inclusivity, food resources, leadership development, and comprehensive physical, emotional and mental health. Without their determination for excellence, the resilience of our young people, and the dedication of our team members, these widely felt and impactful programs would not have been possible.

A look back at some of Joi and Ronnishia's

work at 3rd Street...

Ronnishia Johnson serves as 3rd Street's Assistant Director of Behavioral Health. As a BVHP native with deep roots in the community, her impact is palpable. Her educational background in social work and community mental health and passion for bettering the community has resulted in the birth and growth of various programs in the community.

“It has been such a rewarding experience working for 3rd Street over the past 10 years. I’ve learned so much about true community work from community members, my fellow colleagues, and most of all our dope young people. I too was a youth in Bay View who utilized 3rd Street back when it was the “Healing Arts” Center.

It’s mind-blowing to see how much the agency has grown. It really speaks to the impact that this space has provided to the community, and I’m just super thankful to have been able to witness it. I’ve watched many young people come through our program whether it be through 3SP (3rd Street Productions), The Village for young Mothers, SHEP, or the many other programs I’ve had the opportunity to support…When I see them now living healthy fuller lives as adults, I know this work truly means something! 

It isn’t always easy, as we have lost many of our young people along the way; however, the legacies left behind, despite the adversities they face, let us know that in a world where many youths feel unsafe, 3rd Street was a place where they felt safe, seen, and heard...Even if it was for a second.

Thank you Bayview Community, the 3rd Street staff, and most of all our young people for giving me an opportunity to serve y’all!! I’m a much better provider and person because of it!”

- Ronnishia Johnson, AD Behavioral Health

Joi Jackson-Morgan serves as 3rd Street’s Executive Director. Her background in public health and personal connection to the community, as a second-generation native to BVHP, has directly influenced the exponential growth and impact of 3rd Street. 

“Bayview Healing Arts, our original name, was born out of an idea from youth and community members that youth deserved a safe space to heal and express themselves through the pain and anguish of personal loss. When the youth successfully advocated for clinical services to be added, they voted to change the name to 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic. I never imagined being at 3rd Street for ten years. 10 years.

I had just returned home after enduring a horrible car accident and learning how to walk again when I applied for a research assistant position at 3rd Street. Nervous and excited to be working in the community that raised me, my parents and my grandparents, I felt that I was on a pathway to health and healing. I wasn't alone in this feeling.

Another daughter of Bayview Hunters Point, Ronnishia Johnson, was also returning home for health and healing. Newly graduated from college, Ronnishia had also just lost her mother and was searching for her grounding when she applied for the program assistant position. As fate would have it, we started at 3rd Street on the same day. We have been with 3rd Street during its lean years--one location and down to three employees including me and Ronnishia--to where we are today, 60 employees and six sites. 

To some, it may seem like 3rd Street is an overnight success, but we mapped out this vision, and we consistently worked on it together; Me and My A-1 Day 1, Ronnishia. 3rd Street saved us. 3rd Street has been saved, and 3rd Street continues to save young people and the community it builds. This is a place where you can find your purpose and grow. A place where you, the whole you, is invested in healing and encouraged to be healthy.

We are so honored and grateful that the community, our leadership, and the youth of 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic have trusted us to carry on the vision of creating safe spaces of health and healing for the past ten years. We look forward to the next 10 years of 3rd Street's growth! Thank you so much!" 

-Joi Jackson-Morgan, Executive Director

Ronnishia and Joi’s impact is recognized by their colleagues: 

“Ronnishia has been a major inspiration for me. Coming to 3rd Street as a youth, I have learned a lot from her. It’s truly an honor to work with her. Happy 10 years, and thank you for your advocacy!”

-Shakeyla O’Cain, Housing Manager 

“Joi is the best Executive Director for 3rd Street. Joi is strong, strategic, compassionate, and deeply committed to 3rd Street. She brings so much joy and levity to daily operations and our board work. She’s nothing short of phenomenal. Joi excels at bringing deep knowledge of the organization’s history, mission, and the work that 3rd Street is well-positioned to do in San Francisco. She provides context and background for the board regarding 3rd Street’s origin, current standing, and future vision.”

-3rd Street's Board of Directors

It goes without saying how incredibly grateful we are to have Joi and Ronnishia as part of this team. The entire community of BVHP thanks them for their tireless commitment to 3rd Street’s mission.

3rd street will continue to grow and influence young adults in BVHP and the surrounding areas of District 10. While this history is fully impressive and the future gets brighter each day, we still need your help and support to elevate our mission.

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