"Hundreds of Ways" Feature Article:
Falling in Love in Eastern Oregon
The earth says much to those who listen
I am picking up the virtual talking stick to share a story with you, another one of the hundreds of ways we can kneel and kiss the ground. Thank you, Rumi (full poem here). 

I just returned from spending time on the Nez Perce homeland in Eastern Oregon. We camped on land that was repurchased by the Nez Perce tribe through federal funds as part of the Oregon Trail project. Their justification for receiving the funds from the government came through an interesting new take on an old story. There was the trail into Oregon from the east and midwest, but there was also another "Oregon Trail"...that was the trail that led out of Oregon when the native peoples were displaced from their land and had to walk away from their homes. It was a brilliant argument, and a successful one. The tribe received $250,000.00 and used the funds to buy back some of their land from private landowners.

I totally fell in love with the place. We camped near the huge round arbor shown below, built for pow-wows and celebrations, located at the food of this rocky summit. 
Here is how the tribe describes the commitment to their homeland near Wallowa, Oregon: "It is time once again to let the land hear the familiar sounds that have been developed over thousands of years here in the land of winding waters, the rhythm of the drum beat, the songs, the language, the prayers, the people, and all creation joined to co-exist and respect mother earth and this law of the land. Our elders, whose bones remain in this beautiful land, would be proud that everyone here has a genuine concern to maintain the Nee-Me-Poo (We The People, Nez Perce) culture. It has fallen upon the shoulders of this generation to capture the history and, through cultural understanding, respect this land that we live in." 

There is a Nez Perce graveyard at the top of this summit, and I could strongly feel their presence and love for this place. I sang the Kate Wolf  "Medicine Wheel" song every morning to the four directions, imagining that I was a member of the Nez Perce tribe.  

Here is some of the natural beauty of the area that I fell in love with.


May you walk in beauty and live in love. 

Glenda Goodrich
GG's Down to Earth Studio
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