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A Message from
Larry Movshin, CSA Board Chairman

March 20, 2020
9:30 PM

Dear CSA Property Owners:

We live in very uncertain times these days, with the news on the spread of the COVID-19 virus changing rapidly. Your CSA Board of Directors and CSA Administration continue to monitor all federal, state, and local communications and guidelines to assure that we are taking every reasonable step to protect the health of our entire community.

Today, Mayor McCann ordered that all public Hilton Head Island beaches and public beach parking areas be closed for 60 days. Because Sea Pines, as a private gated community, does not provide any access to our beaches for the public, tomorrow morning signs will be posted at the Greenwood and Ocean Gates, at the Sea Pines Beach Club and Plantation Club Parking lot, and at Tower Beach advising the public in bold letters that “THERE IS NO PUBLIC BEACH ACCESS AND NO PUBLIC BEACH PARKING AVAILABLE IN SEA PINES”. In addition, our Sea Pines Gate Staff will provide the same strong advice to each person purchasing a Day Pass for entry into Sea Pines at either of our entry gates. Sea Pines Security will also be regularly patrolling North and South Sea Pines Drive and streets that access them each day to assure that no Day Pass automobiles are parking or dropping off passengers at our beach access points.  The Beach Club, Plantation Club and Tower Beach parking lots will be monitored by a parking lot attendant every day to assure that Day Pass cars are not parking in any of these private parking lots. We believe this is the most appropriate way to comply with the Mayor’s order banning public access to the beach and to restrict members of the general public from using private accesses to the beaches in Sea Pines. 

In addition, we want to respond to the number of inquiries we have received from resident property owners over the past several days asking us to take additional steps to restrict entry into Sea Pines, from closing the gate, to stopping the sale of day passes, to cancelling all short term rental weekly passes and barring short term rentals, and even closing our public restrooms at Tower Beach.  

We certainly understand these residents' concerns in these unprecedented circumstances. On the other hand, we have not seen any evidence to suggest that day trippers or short term renters will pose a greater threat to the community than the non-resident property owners who may be coming to their homes from distant locations, or family members who will be visiting from other states (in some cases to allow our residents to provide childcare relief for working parents), or even the numerous and various commercial companies who come through our gates on a daily basis to service our properties and work in our commercial businesses. 

We strongly encourage all of our residents and guests to practice social distancing and otherwise follow CDC guidelines to protect themselves from this virus. In the interest of safety for ourselves and each other, we MUST do everything possible to distance ourselves from one another and generally shelter in place. To that end, residents should self-quarantine if they feel it is necessary, with food and drugs being delivered by our local businesses as needed. Remember, in times like these, we are responsible for our own safety AND the safety of our neighbors and friends. 

The CSA Board will continue to monitor circumstances to assure that CSA engages in best practices recommended by the various governmental authorities related to COVID-19. Board members are in constant communication with each other and CSA staff regarding the operations of our community; every decision we make as a Board regarding operational changes during these unusual and difficult times will be centered around the safety of our community as a whole. You can keep updated on Sea Pines CSA operations through our designated webpage at .
We will remain open to suggestions and flexible in considering future actions we deem necessary to protect our community's health. But at this time, we are not considering restrictions on access to Sea Pines for any particular group, as we do not believe they are necessary or appropriate under current circumstances. 

Thank you for the continued support, compliance, and cooperation we have received from the Sea Pines community during these difficult and changing times.  
Larry Movshin
CSA Board Chairman

Sea Pines Community Services Associates 
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