Dear Friends and Partners,

The Lord has been speaking to Jessa and I about a clear path forward for the ministry He has entrusted to us; we are going higher!  We are pursuing this call to “go higher!” in these ways:


The direction that the Lord has given us is to pursue deeper intimacy with Him as our top priority and to pour into our own local church. This also includes a daily choice to fix our eyes on the Lord Jesus, remember the simple commission we were given to preach the gospel, and train all of our friends and partners to live their lives from the “Secret Place of the Most High.” 

Much of what we’ll be doing—from our teaching focus to our new “soaking nights” at Secret Place Church—will be designed to take our church members and visitors to this place of intimacy with God and encounter with His glory.  


As part of the calling to “go back to the beginning,” the Lord has made it clear that our local church is called to become an Eagles’ Nest , a gathering place where mature prophets can assemble and every hungry saint can hear clearly from Him. We believe it will be like a cleft in the Rock, a safe place to seek the Lord no matter what is happening elsewhere. 

In addition to commitments already on our calendar, we will continue to accept invitations to speaking engagements as well as remain committed to personal mentoring events and missions in the new year. Your prayers and financial support mean a lot to us right now.  

We are really grateful for the warriors who have not run from the battle in a time of conflict and have listened to the Lord to stand and fight with us. This shows a lot about the depth of their walk. However, we are not looking to things behind but ahead, and we are focused on building this 'new thing' the Lord has directed us to do. We are excited about the upcoming year and all that God has in store for us and we would love for you to be a part of it.

See you in the Secret Place!

All our Love,

Todd and Jessa Bentley
Mark your calendars for the following upcoming events: