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It's Time for a Little... MAGIC 
In 2019 a lot of resolutions have already been broken, but one we heard of that we love because it's so easy to keep is: "Have a Little More Magic In My Life". To that end, please allow us to present... our magic section!   

2018 saw a big increase in interest in magic because of shows like Magic For Humans and The Carbonaro Effect. As a result, kids come in to shop for our magic kits and tricks.

We've got basic sets, larger kits, and fun little trinkets that make it all work. Plus, you can shop our stacks for books about the history of magic itself.  

Can't decide what's right for you or yours? Check out our handy list at the top of our GAMES/TOYS page by clicking here.  

Fresh Ink
2019 is starting out strong! New books for every age!

Mac B is back! Another totally true, for sure it happened, not made up in any way adventure from the author Mac Barnett. We loved his hit adventure trying to find the crown jewels last year, and we love his newest one as he tries to find...more...missing jewels? Yes! This time in Ireland! Fun illustrations, a great adventure, and a lot of laughs make this a must-read.

From the creator of Big Nate comes a fun medieval adventure of knights, dragons, and silliness. Max has no hope of being a knight, but this doesn't stop him from attempting to save the people he loves from the dreadful King. Fully illustrated fun for anyone who loves Big Nate, Captain Underpants, or Dog Man.

The award-winning, bestselling comic book series is back with its latest graphic novel. The girls of Roanoke cabin have a lot to explain as their parents arrive to the magical camp where the rules tend to get broken, if they ever existed at all.

One of the most talked about books of the last five years is now in paperback. All women on Earth now have a unique power that changes everything. The Power won almost every award there is, was one of President Obama's favorite books of the year, and is one of the bestselling books of 2018. A masterpiece not to be missed.   
Award-winning Brad Meltzer takes a crack at non-fiction page turners with the help of Josh Mensch. This book looks deeply at a little known yet jarring moment in the history of our country and the first President.
Jennifer Robson  
In November of 1947, Queen Elizabeth was married. One of the marvels of the wedding, within post-World War II England, was the elegance of the dress she wore. But who made it? This novel explores the untold story of those who created it through a fictional tale of exploration and history.  
The Game Board
This issue we're telling you all about a very special game: POTATO PIRATES by ThinkFun.

The game is unique for a number of reasons, including the fact that it's not really a game... It's a learning tool. Kids playing this game use their math skills to secretly learn the basics of coding. ThinkFun advertises it as 'Ten Hours of Programming in 30 Minutes'. Players must attempt to defend their ships while sinking others by executing functions as outlined by their cards. If you lose your potatoes, you've lost the game. Want a video with a bit more information? Click Here. Want to buy it? Click here!  

Education Corner
Bookie Susan L wants you to know about...POSTERS!  
I'm always so excited about our gigantic poster assortment in our teachers' section. As a teacher myself, I loved having posters up in my classroom because they always had great examples of things kids could reference. I especially loved the ones with effective messages and those are the kinds we have in the store. We have a lot of language ones, math, reading instruction, history and, the kids' personal favorites, our character posters like Pete the Cat, Elephant and Piggie, and more. Posters add a lot to your classrooms because they are colorful, vibrant, funny at times, and above all else, engaging. Every classroom needs a great poster collection! Come see me or the other Education Specialists today to look through our hundreds of choices.    
The Denver Pop Culture Con is giving away free passes for educators !