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8 Easy Questions to Ask Yourself to Declutter & Y our 5 options:

1. Have I used this in the few years or need to this year?
If no, hit one of your 5 options.

2. If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?
If no, hit one of your 5 options.

3. Am I holding on because I spent good money on it?
You are wasting on an item you don't use. Use it or hit one of your 5 options.

4. Am I holding on to this for sentimental value?
Be strict and keep only a few of the items in a small memorabilia box. Then take a photo of items you are throwing away so you can keep them forever.

5. Do I have a similar item that serves the same purpose?
If yes, one of your 5 options the other.

6. Do I have a realistic plan to use this?
Don't fool yourself about how perfect an item would be for  Halloween . Have a concrete plan to use the item. If you don't use it within the time frame you set, hit one of your 5 options.

7. Does it fit me or my living space?
Think hard on what to keep — your space is sacred.

8. Am I holding on to the broken item to fix in the future?
Fix it NOW or hit one of your 5 options.

See the common theme?! Happy Decluttering!!!
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