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Thursday, March 9, 2023

A Marina vs. A Parking Lot

Boaters Are Boaters

Dear Dana Point Boaters,

A Marina vs. A Parking Lot


We thank you for your participation with the Dana Point Boaters Association. We applaud your choice to share your concerns. Your questions help to open communication.


Do you wonder about the reason our marinas get treated as parking lots?


A marina differs from a port. A port is also a harbor where boats can dock. Marinas get designed for small boats and yachts rather than large ships. Distinct amenities become necessary for the recreational sailor. Do you consider a commercial car park as the home for your cherished vehicle? The makeup of a parking lot may lower amenity expectations. However, marinas become a home base for the boat owner. And like any home, amenities matter.


Sometimes management may be unaware of their activities that conflict with the best interests of their customers. One of the duties of the Dana Point Boaters Association is to raise awareness about potential conflicts of concern to the boater community. We encourage disclosure, openness, and discussion about anything that becomes a conflict. The outrageous increase in slip fees and diminished amenities caused the need to bring legal action against harbor management. With your help, we intend to correct this injustice.


Fly the DPBA flag on your boat. It’s one way to show off your appreciation of your home port. Write to the county supervisors. They are your public servants and vocal outlet. Ask questions! If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who has the answer. Lastly, submit suggestions for improvement of our marinas. As you speak about solutions, problems take the back seat.


“A system is corrupt when it is strictly profit-driven, not driven to serve the best interest of its people.”


Happy boating friends!


Meet your

5th District Supervisor, County of Orange

California Assemblywoman, 74th Assembly District


California State Senator, 36th Senate District

Legal Endeavors are Expensive

Lastly, legal endeavors are expensive, and we appreciate all who have donated to our legal fund.

Please consider doing so today. If you haven't donated, consider an ongoing monthly donation by clicking the box "Make this a monthly donation," click here. These legal costs keep mounting as we continue moving forward with the Class Action Lawsuit. Your information will remain private. 

In the meantime, please continue to submit your comments on slip rate increases and other subjects by Click Here.
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Your Dana Point Boaters Association Directors, Advisors, and Advocacy Members Thanks You For Your Support!

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