Your 30th Anniversary Legacy Luncheon Invitation will be arriving in the mail by September 12th.

Please notify Dana Bates if you didn't receive an invitation in the mail, and we will send one immediately.
Reconciliation Outreach's After School Program Started Monday, August 28th

To Learn more or volunteer for our After School Program Call Ms. Erika at (214)654-6500
or email her at

Join Dorothy Moore for Prayer Time.
Monday:  Noon to 2:00 pm
Tuesday: 7:00 am to 9:00 am

Please email Ms. Dorothy for directions to the Prayer Room and your Prayer Requests.

Help our men attend the Men’s
Conference at Pine Cove - January 2018
We would love to send the men in the R|O Alpha Discipleship program to a Conference this winter at Pine Cover in Tyler, Texas. Our men do not get many opportunities such as this, so they greatly appreciate each one. Dr. Kennon Vaughan, Lead Pastor of Harvest Church and President of Downline Ministries in Memphis Tennessee will be one of the main speakers. The registration fee is $168 per person, plus travel expenses in getting the group to Tyler. 

We must pay the registrations fees before November 15, 2017. If you would like to sponsor one or more men to attend this conference, please notate “Pine Cove Retreat” on your donation. We need $4000.00 to make this a reality.

Our highest priority here at Reconciliation Outreach is to make disciples. Retreats like this provide both encouragement and instruction to new Christian men who are trying to learn what it means to be a Godly man.  
Brad Slimp
Brad Slimp is moving into the role of Director of Fundraising for Reconciliation Outreach. Brad has been with R|O for a while, and brings experience as a top producing financial services professional with an outstanding record of results. Brad became the youngest Branch Manager in Wells Fargo Texas history at age 21 and earned a reputation for exceeding goals and expectations.

Brad has a heart for God and serving His children through ministry. We are excited to see what God will do through Brad as he strengthens old ministry relationships and forges new partnerships. Brad brings dedication, humility, creativity, enthusiasm, charm, and honor to this very important role in our organization. He has been a blessing to everyone at Reconciliation Outreach since his arrival, and will no doubt continue to bless everyone he meets.  
Will Thornton
Will was born on December 4, 1966 in Dallas Texas. He began using drugs at age twelve and plunged into an addiction that lasted about thirty-five years. Over a span of nearly ten years, Will had been in and out of rehab centers to no avail. Will hit rock bottom in 2004 when he was arrested for a felony awakening him to get his life together. One day in 2007, while Will was staying with his mother in Dallas, he was struck with the reality of why Jesus died for us. He realized in a moment that he needed to quit living his life distant from God and live it for Him. Will didn’t get it all together that year. He still struggled with addiction here and there and needed the help of other believers and the structure of a discipleship ministry.

In 2015, Will contacted Reconciliation Outreach for help and was admitted. Over the past two and a half years of residing at R|O, he has grown immensely, serving as head of maintenance and co-leading as a house leader in the phase 2 residential home. Will has become a family and team member of R|O. Will says, “my relationship with Christ and others here at R|O is the key to my success.” Since Will has been at R|O, his relationship with his mother has been healed and he has reconnected with his father who has reconciled his relationship with Jesus. Will’s mother trusts him and her confidence in him has been restored.

Will is graduating our eighteen-month intern program and is joining the R|O staff as head of our Maintenance Department. 
The Oasis ladies at Reconciliation Outreach were richly blessed to be able to attend a weekend retreat this past weekend compliments of Karen Green Ministries. Not only was the setting beautiful, Ms. Green and her team put together a wonderful weekend full of Spirit-filled learning, worship, encouragement, and joy. We thank God for women like Karen Green and the example they set for how to live a Godly life and grow ever closer to the Lord.
Gorgeous autumn landscape panorama of a scenic forest with lots of warm sunshine