A Menorah Park Minute
Friday, May 8, 2020

"One who gives charity in secret is greater than Moshe Rabbeinu."

This update is designed to offer you timely information regarding our campus, our policies, and our dedication to keeping our residents and staff healthy. We hope we can alleviate some of the stress and anxiety you may be feeling by assuring you that, despite this “new” normal, your loved ones continue to receive comprehensive, holistic care.

iPads to make virtual calls with families easier; classic movies to give our residents the welcome escape of video entertainment; meals and heartfelt encouragement for our tireless staff - these are just a few of the many examples of how generous and loving you – our community – have been during this difficult time.
A heartfelt Thank You to the Jewish Federation of Central New York for setting up the Matan B'Seter - Giving in Secret - food pantry for our staff here at Menorah Park. Learn more

Menorah Park Updates
We are working diligently to keep our entire Menorah Park family updated on the status of COVID-19 on our campus. Click here for the most recent updates.

With Love From. ....
Each week we're featuring a heartfelt message from one of our residents to let family and friends know that, even during this difficult time, love and hope will continue to keep us connected. A  big thank you   t o our fantastic activities team for supplying encouragement (and glitter) to keep our residents' creativity flowing.
Each year, Menorah Park of CNY gathers together to honor those who shine brightly on our campus. This year, EVERYONE at Menorah Park is a Shining Star! To safeguard everyone’s health and well-being, Shining Stars 2020 will stay-at-home!   Learn More
Tips for Successful Virtual Family Visits
Our residents have benefited greatly from their video chats and phone calls with family members. As we enter into the eighth week of restricted visitation, Ellen Somers, MA, LMHC, Assistant Director at SJFS, suggests some helpful tips for making these virtual visits even more rewarding. Read more here.

Mother's Day
We would never dream of letting this special day go by without honoring our mothers - both residents and staff. One beautiful touch will be the edible orchids ( pictured ) placed on meal trays. Stay tuned for more photos from this special day!

Seeking Classic Movies
There’s nothing better than a bit of the ol' soft shoe or the "rat-a-tat-tat" from a gangster's gat to escape the challenging times we’re living in, especially for our residents. We are currently seeking donations of DVD (no Blu-Ray, please) and VHS copies of movies from Hollywood’s Golden Era (1920s -1960’s) for our residents' viewing. Please contact Judith Huober at 315-446-9111, x 236 or by email .
Community Resources
The current coronavirus situation has us all stressed and stretched in many ways. Do you need help from a community volunteer? Would you like to offer help to someone who needs it? In either case, take the Jewish Federation of Central New York's survey and the team at S yracuse Jewish Family Service (SJFS) will match you with the right person to help with your need or offer. You can also reach SJFS by email or by phone at: 315-446-9111, ext. 226 or 3 15-454-2006.