A Message About Uvalde from the Heart of your TAM President
Dear TAMily,

While having yet another conversation with my Mom regarding the Uvalde school massacre, it struck me that I had not taken the time to express my heartbroken sympathy and condolences to all of you and the families of Uvalde, Texas. TAM is a statewide organization, and while I do not know of any of our TAMily members who lost an immediate family member, our TAMily hurts with ALL the Uvalde families. Another senseless act of gun violence against our most innocent is just unconscionable to me, and I just cannot stop thinking of Columbine, Sandy Hook, and all the others. My thoughts and prayers go out to those families and the survivors of this tragic experience. It is shameful that our children across this state and this nation cannot trust that their safety and welfare will be the priority in their schools from gun violence and the everyday bullying and cyberbullying they experience. This is another call to action, and I am prayerful and hopeful that we will all individually and collectively respond.

This is the link to an NPR.org article dated May 25, 2022. I read this article in its entirety and found it very helpful, encouraging, and informative:
"How To Help Uvalde Families Following Yesterday's Elementary School Shooting."

I encourage you not just to sympathize but instead do something to show your support – tangibly, by donating blood, funding an effort, getting involved in your local school district, or lending your professional abilities to one of the organizations listed to assist the Uvalde families legally. Now is the time for action, not complacency. Do something to show that love will always win over hate.

I also recognize that this is Memorial Day weekend, a time set aside to honor those who have served and are serving this country and others around the world. We give special thanks to our TAMily members for their service at home and abroad. We do not take our freedoms lightly, knowing the daily sacrifice you make on our behalf. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! God bless all of you, and may God continue to bless this United States of America!

With a humble and sorrowful heart,
Danette Ross Watson, TAM President