To Our SEBAR Family,

As we continue to watch the division across the country with sadness and pain, we want to take a moment to remind our members of our core values and how we can help impact change. Injustices remind us of an ugly reality that we are still experiencing. 

We at the Southeastern Border Association of REALTORS® are advocates of fair housing, equality, acceptance and inclusion. Our values and REALTOR® Code of Ethics demand social responsibility in pursuit of integrity and honor. We advocate for these higher goals at the local, state and national level to ensure fair treatment for all people. 

We are a group that works together to help build communities and will continue to do so. We believe all of our community members should feel safe and free from discrimination and are committed to fighting racism and discrimination wherever and however it exists. We will continue to teach and promote Fair Housing as well as equality and acceptance for all. 

Acknowledge. Ask. Act. is a process we can all use to begin to help understand what our team is feeling during these difficult times.
Acknowledge what’s happening.
Ask if there’s anything your team needs or what you can do for them.
Act on those requests and through your own acts of kindness. 

Let’s all please continue to take good care of each other.


Robin Heath, President
Shannon Harner, CEO
Southeastern Border Association of REALTORS®
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