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Feb. 26, 2016 
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We modern humans have done marvelous things. The rate of development of technology has been so rapid that many of us are astounded by what is possible, while many of our younger generation consider it commonplace. We are clearly challenging our brains, learning how to use these magical tools ... ranging from social media to syncing up our FitBits, or learning how to upload photos to a website from our computer. While I would never suggest that technology should replace face-to-face human contact, getting out in nature, or doing routine tasks that encourage us to move more and be active, technology can - in fact - augment our lifestyle. 

After all, aging successfully is about lifestyle, but it's also being willing to take advantage of technology that's out there. For example, I just had an ankle replacement. I had to take a chance on technology, or else I risked moving less and suffering the decline that comes from being sedentary. So, don't be afraid to augment your lifestyle choices with technology when it will result in a more positive aging experience. 
A Message From Dr. Roger About Taking Chances

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