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Having Children in Your Life 
June 17, 2016 
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As a father and grandfather, I can't imagine a life without children in it. Children are the bearers and promoters of our more noble qualities. They teach us life's basic tenets: how to live in the moment, the importance of play, that sharing with others is the right thing to do, and that curiosity and learning are good things! They lack many of the burdens that plague us as adults - lack of trust, incessant worry, and the need to give up sleep in order to be more productive. They are the best illustration of successful aging, as they are physically active, soak up knowledge like sponges, enjoy socializing with other children and are mindful without even trying.
Many retirement communities have caught onto the fact that being with children is a key ingredient to healthy aging. One Seattle nursing home began housing a preschool, while, yet another opened a children's center within their community. Organizations like KaBoom and Humana are sponsoring multi-generational playgrounds, and many of our Masterpiece Living partners actively host events that include being with children.
Therefore, I was bewildered when a New York Times columnist recently wrote that she'd never live in a retirement community because it "houses only older adults," and that she'd miss interacting with children. This is a misconception based on an outdated view of aging and of Senior Living. If you are considering moving into a retirement community, I encourage you to visit the Masterpiece Living website and view our "Partners" page. You can find it HERE. Contact a few places of interest and express that you're seeking a community that regularly plans intergenerational activities, and ask what they offer. You may be surprised. 

Live Long, Live Well! 

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