Dear Friends,

When I was a little girl, my heart was wholly captured by the stories our mother read to us. My life then was innocent, protected from the harshness present in the world, harshness which pervades the lives of so many of our students. But even in my own tiny universe free of poverty or violence, I loved and craved the stories of dark worlds, magic, wickedness being punished, lost ones being almost-eaten and then found, escape from danger, triumph and revenge.
Judi Reimer and I have placed 35 of these, our favorite stories, smack into the heart of our new book. Whether you use them as wonderful stories (in their archaic, lofty language and grim detail) or you seize upon the 35 matching prompt pages, we’re pretty sure you will find them useful.  

And if you wonder how to use them to streamline a STAAR writing prep plan, come to the workshops. We’ll share with you the best of what we’re doing with students.

And if you’ve been searching for great resources in Spanish, we’re so happy to offer to you the Grammar Keepers and STAAR Writing workshop in Spanish, led by the spectacular Maureen Ucles. Her pilot group in Houston raved about her workshop last summer, so we are repeating it. You’ll receive tons of resources and a new friend for life.

Registration is open already for all of our workshops through the summer.

Happy 2019!

Honor Moorman is an educational consultant who works with schools and organizations across the country. In her 20 years as an educator, she has been a National Board Certified teacher, a literacy specialist, a dean of instruction, and a university instructor. She has served as co-director and teacher consultant for the San Antonio Writing Project, reviewer for ReadWriteThink, and associate editor for NCTE’s Voices from the Middle. She is currently an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Education at Trinity University. 

Click the link to read “This I Believe” Language Arts Strand Integration Produces Powerful Results.

It's Alive!
Registration for the January Workshops of STAAR Writing with Fairy Tales, New Braunfels , is up and running and ready for action. Click on Tickets and check it out!

Tue, Jan 22, 2019 8:00 AM CST
STAAR Writing with Fairy Tales - NewBraunfels
New Braunfels Civic Convention Center, New Braunfels
Wed, Jan 23, 2019 8:00 AM CST
STAAR Writing with Fairy Tales - Richardson
Richardson Civic Center, Richardson
Mon, Jan 28, 2019 8:00 AM CST
STAAR Writing with Fairy Tales - Houston
Norris City Center, Houston

Crash Course for STAAR
with Text Structures from Fairy Tales
with Gretchen Bernabei

January 22 , 2019– New Braunfels
January 23, 2019 – Richardson
January 28, 2019 – Houston
February 4, 2019 - McAllen

Andale Ya! Writing and Grammar in the Spanish with Maureen Ucles

January 29 , 2019 – McAllen
February 6 , 2019 – New Braunfels
June 11, 2019 – Richardson

Training of Trainers/Intensive Four-Day Session with Gretchen Bernabei

July 8-11, 2019 – New Braunfels
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