I wanted you to hear this first, there will be more to come as I clear my head and start implementing our path forward. SiriusXM has canceled my contract over a comment I made on the air yesterday.

I was reading an article during the break about an Arizona Congressmen that made the statement, "If the truckers come to DC we should just take their truck away and give it to a small company that wants to grow". The congressman is a former Marine. I was sickened, disgusted and made the statement: "He needs to be shot" or something to that effect, I really can't remember and have no desire to go listen to it. That statement was from a former Marine and current member of the party that is in power in this country. If it would have been said just a month ago I may have commented and moved on. After watching what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Canada I can't ignore a comment like that.

The show will be a replay Thursday and Friday and then it is gone from SiriusXM.

I often thought that after my run on the radio no matter how it ended, I would take a 3-6 month sabbatical and plan the next stage of my life and business. As much as I was looking forward to that it's not going to happen. I will be back on the air in some form within a week if not sooner. Plan B has been sitting ready for this day. I will be doing some sort of a Podcast call-in format.

I'm so grateful for your support. You are the people I consider "The Tribe". I have no desire to punish SiriusXM in any way. I will just move on with my mission of making the trucking industry a better place to live and work.
The best way to support us is to follow us to our next venture and spread the word throughout the industry and let everyone know where we are.

I will have some details about the new show very soon. You will see me go live some time soon on & to explain more and answer any questions you have.
Be safe,
Be profitable,
Be fit and healthy,
Always do the hard work,

´╗┐and Master the Journey