A Message From Scott Snyder

Hello, I’m Scott Snyder. I am currently Vice President of the New York State Builders Association as well as the Chairman of NYSBA BUILD-PAC.

BUILD-PAC is NYSBA’s bipartisan political arm,. BUILD-PAC helps elect pro-housing, pro-business candidates to the New York State Legislature and is critical to NYSBA’s success at the State Capitol in Albany.

We are very proud to be a part of the residential construction industry and the great benefit we provide to our communities in New York State. We're strong and we're thriving, but in today's political world, we also have to be involved.

That's why I hope you will take an opportunity to become more politically involved by contributing to BUILD PAC.

NYSBA is working for our members everyday at the State Capitol, and we need to have our voices heard now more than ever. Everyone learned all to clear this spring how state government can have a dramatic impact on our business. That is why we are working to get legislation passed in Albany that would designate residential construction as an essential business in New York. So if, heaven forbid, there is ever another pandemic shutdown again, our industry will be able to safely continue working.

This is only one of the many issues that NYSBA is lobbying on that could impact your business. Everyone knows that New York is the most regulated state in the country, and that is why we must support and elect legislators who look out for us. We need legislators who will fight for our industry on issues like: 

* Prevailing Wage
* Scaffold Law Reform
* Rent control
* Overzealous environmental regulation
* Vested rights

We must ensure our coffers are full long before Election Day in 2020 if we want to continue to elect pro-housing candidates. 

Thank you for your time and please consider making a contribution to BUILD-PAC today.

You can make a contribution below through PayPal, or contacting us at (518) 465-2492 ext.111.

Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder
Vice President/BUILD-PAC Chair
New York State Builders Association