Rabbi's Letter

June 5 2019
2 Sivan 5779
And the Torah was given by God to the soul of Moses, and Moses brought the Torah down and placed it in our care……


Dear Friends,

Shavuot is just a few days away. It arrives 49 days after Passover. These are the days that connect our people's release from slavery to the obligations inherent in that walk of freedom. Shavuot brings us the gift of Torah, the gift of wisdom and insight, of questioning and yearning to know more. Torah is the hope that we can find the essence of truth, enough to change the world. Torah is the table of God to which we are called to take seat.

Rabbi Elazar said:

The Light that the Holy One created on the first day- With it Adam could see the ends of the world. Upon seeing the degree of corruption that awaited time, the Holy One hid this light? And for whom was this light stored away? Where did the Holy One hide it? In the Torah. If so, cannot the righteous, when they learn Torah, find it?  Yes, they can find it and it can find them. And what should the righteous do when they find it? Let them reveal its wisdom by the way they live their lives.
Please join us on Saturday evening at 6PM on the Freeland’s Dock to learn a bisel Torah, to pray a bit of prayers, to hear the beautiful music of the Kavanotes and to enjoy our beautiful community as we enjoy our yearly DAIRY POTLUCK together overlooking the peacefulness of the intercostal.  Please carpool as parking is a bit tricky.

Dairy Potluck Dinner
Leil Shavout
at the home
Dottie & Irv Freedland
704 Waynick Blvd, at Wrightsville Beach
(not at their Wilmington address)
Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 6:00 pm.
Please note that our  Shavuot services with Yizkor will be on Sunday, June 9 th  at 9:30 AM . Please plan to join us.
What a great joy I had this past week to attend to one of the youngest and one of the most long lived of our congregants.
I had the delicious pleasure of bestowing Crosby’s Hebrew name upon his soul.

Mazel Tov Erica and Ben Martinez and Mindy and Steve Agnoff!!! (yeah to Grandparenthood)

Oh hear our prayer
We sing to you
Be gracious to this precious child
And bless him with goodness and mercy and peace
Oh hear our prayer to you.
Let these dreams we dream
Guide him on him way
And fill his heart with love
Let these dreams we dream shelter him from harm
And let us say…Amen

Crosby Morrison Martinez 
Your Hebrew name from this day forward will be
Shia Moishe ben Yaffa V’Benyamin

May this name draw all goodness to you Crosby. May it bring strength in time of need, and may it open the heavens so that abundance rains down. May this name bring light, may this name bring hope, may this name bring love.

Welcome to the world little one
Miracles are waiting
Open your eyes, see a brilliant sun smiling down upon you.
You too will warm the hearts of those who love you.

Welcome to the world little one
Miracles are waiting
Raindrops on your window play a gentle tune
You too will dance by the shadow of the moon.

Welcome to the world little one, miracles are waiting
And they have begun with you.
I ask God for Your blessings upon this child
That he may grow into a life of meaning and truth born of the wisdom of Torah values and strengthened by a strong identity as a carrier of memory from a noble past.

May he always know a yearning in his soul for the ways of his people.

And may he deliver this sacred heritage to the next generation as it is being delivered to him today.

Shia Moshe, you have received your name.
Live it with pride, strength and goodness.

Simon Tov V’ Mazel tov!
I also had the great honor to celebrate with our own beloved Bucky Stein who has just turned 94. Wow, I want to be like him when I grow up! 
Happy Birthday, dear Bucky! We are happy that you are one of our greatest patriarchs here at B’nai Israel. You are greatly loved!
Let me be ready this day to hear the need beneath the surface of the words that people address to me; let me listen with special attention to the words of old people, for they have seen much, and to the words of the young for they see with new eyes what I may have taken for granted. Their words too may be Torah. 
Our Israel trip is already filling up and once again a wonderfully kind group of travelers are signing up. Please join us at my home on June 11 th at 6:00PM for our first group meeting. We will look over the itinerary, the dates and a projection of the costs. JJ, our tour company owner, is going to Skype in from Israel. It will be 1:00am his time, so please aim to be on time! This promises to be another GREAT B’nai Israel trip. Hope to see you on Tuesday.
Please sign up to join us as we feed the homeless at the Good Shepherd on the 12 th of June at 4:30 . Pay it forward friends, it’s the language of gratitude. Please RSVP with Kate in the office.
Please be sure to join us for our yearly BEATLES SHABBAT on June 21 st . I am in the process of preparing a light meal to follow the service, stay tuned for details.
I am so excited to share with you my excitement over the plans under way for the Habitat for Humanity’s Faith Build. I hope that we can gather a strong group to participate in this great event of goodness. You can join in for even just one day of work. I am thrilled to let you know that Donna and Mitch Ratner are going to help me organize and execute our B’nai Israel building team. Please call the office and get your name on the list and we will fill you in on the details soon. 910.762.1117, or email Kate at kate.bnaiisraelilm@gmail.com
Holy One,
bring us to that mountain
where we all once stood,
our souls opened
like the buds of newborn flowers,
open to receive Your holy Torah,
written on the canopy of stars

Dear Friends,

May you be blessed to say yes to Torah, yes to our Heritage, yes to the magnificence of our Jewish values.  They are the stars that light the sky of our world, they are the hope and the dream. 

May you each be richly blessed to let Torah expand your mind and inspire your spirit. That is the beauty and the magic of life.
באהבה ושלום

Shabbat Shalom to all!
הרב אלישבע בת דוד ודבורה
Rabbi Julie Kozlow
(910) 762-1117 ~ B'nai Israel phone