Rabbi's Letter

July 5, 2018
22 Tammuz 5778
Awe is the intuition for the dignity of all things, a realization that things are not only what they appear, but that they also stand for something far more supreme. Awe is a sense for the transcendence, for the reference everywhere to the mystery beyond all things. It enables us to perceive the hint of the Divine, to sense the majesty in the simple and the rushing stillness of the eternal. What we cannot comprehend by analysis, we become aware of in awe.
                                      Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
Dear Friends,

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable 4 th of July.

As our B’nai Israel trip to Israel in October 2018 continues to take shape, I have already begun to think about a Congregational trip for the summer 2019. My goal is to offer a congregational trip every year and to alternate an Israel trip with a “Jewish” trip. Next Summer in June, I was hoping to join Michelle Bannon and Rich Weisman for their yearly trip to Poland where they bike from Auschwitz to Krakow. This is a very meaningful way to experience this unimaginable part of our history, yet in a way that leaves you feeling inspired and hopeful. There is also a new possibility to add on a trip to Romania and a visit to a synagogue in need of renovation. You’ll have wait for information on that but the possibilities are brewing. 

This is all a dream now but what a great opportunity to spend a week next summer both, visiting and making Jewish history, and imagine the joy of being able to do it together.  It starts in a dream, which is merely an invitation to create something wonderful.
If you think you might be interested in coming along for a meaningful trip next summer, please just let me know.

The world in which we live is a vast cage within a maze, high as our minds, wide as our power of will, long as our life span. Those who have never reached the rails or seen what is beyond the cage know of no freedom to dream.
                                                         Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
Please join us…..
AUGUST 10 th 2018
All you need is  love love, love  is all you need.
Please join us at 5:30 for food and drink and for
 a Beatles musical service at 6:30
Please join us...
Wednesday July 11th 2018
We are looking for 10 good souls

Please RSVP with Kate in the office
Please enjoy the pictures of last months visit to the Good Shepherd. How wonderful is it that this monthly visit is now a regular part of our congregation’s life? It shows our heart.

If you haven’t yet signed up to help, please do. If you feel blessed by anything in your life, come along and pay it forward. Remember blessings are only given to be shared.

Please call Kate to sign up!
I want to thank everyone who participated in B’nai Israel’s WONDERFUL tribute to Mr. Bucky Stein. It was a success beyond our wildest imaginings. This of course was because of the man being honored and how much we all love and respect Bucky but the evening was also a great success because of the great positive energy that everyone brought to the evening which showed how much we love our congregation and care for it’s future. The memories we have taken with us from the evening are filled with laughter, joy and celebration. Thank you to everyone who helped make the evening so special. 

Join our....
August 26 th , 2018

Mark your calendars, Sunday AUGUST 26 th 2018, 10AM-Noon
We will be hosting our second annual SHUL DAY!

Then entire congregation is invited for a welcoming gathering, with food, information about the coming year, tickets for High Holidays, greetings from your Rabbi and your President. Instructions for the use of Shul Cloud, school registration for the One Room Shul House and much much more. 
On a side, for the children and families of the  One Room Shul House , along with registering for school on this day and enjoying Shul Day, we will also be heading for DEFY GRAVITY at Noon to celebrate the start of a new year.
And if anyone has any energy left over, we will hit the Mellow Mushroom for some pizza to wrap up the day.

If you have friends interested in finding the perfect Jewish school for their children, be sure to bring them along. AUGUST 26 th 10 AM
Friends, I have begun to map out my 5 major sermons for the High Holidays in September. My dining room table is beginning to fill up with books, articles, and poetry and they are all falling into their perspective piles nicely. Come August I try to clear my schedule and write. This is the rhythm of a Rabbi’s life.

I wanted to open up an invitation to my congregation to let me know what kinds of messages you are hungry for and hoping to be inspired by. I cannot promise you that I will write a sermon on your topic but I do want you to know how deeply I care about what is making you tick, or what is keeping you up at night or what topics your soul hungers to be engaged with. Just hit reply and share with me your thoughts.

May these lazy days of summer sooth your soul as the sun warms our days,
באהבה ושלום

Shabbat Shalom to all!
הרב אלישבע בת דוד ודבורה
Rabbi Julie Kozlow
(910) 762-1117 ~ B'nai Israel phone