'With each accomplishment, 
the larger obstacles become smaller'

Once I decided to leave a successful advertising career, I felt resolved and ready to take the jump into my passion. My calling to understand 'what makes us sick and what helps us heal?' had been stirring in my spirit since my adolescent years.  Embarking on this scientific endeavor, my first mission was to 'enjoy the journey'. Even if I didn't arrive at my medical station, I knew that enjoying the process would have far greater value than simply reaching a goal. Wherever I landed on the road ahead, I would understand more than I did at the outset.
It did not matter that I would require eight additional years of training or that I might be the oldest student in the class. I was committed to finding satisfaction in that which I was willing to commit to.
In recent years of medical practice, it has become more apparent that most health care visits are indirectly related to the dissatisfaction that patients feel with their lives. Maintaining the ideal home life, having enough time to engage in enjoyable activities, complying with the ever-changing expectations of the workplace has become fully consuming for many.
When I meet with patients who have been subjected to multiple medical treatments for their physical complaints, I respond with a mind-body approach, 'What in your life are you not 'stomaching'? 'What has become a heavy burden on your 'back'?' Often, with words unsaid, you are intimately aware of the life circumstances that are dampening your joy, diminishing your dreams and disrupting your health.
Learn to listen to your inner guide

And know when it's time to jump!

Healthy Living Idea:


The first step necessary to 'jumping' is facing the fear. Make a list of that which holds you back. Then, create situations that compel you to confront and conquer them; Common sources of fear include, being alone, not feeling adequate, being criticized or releasing what you have, to get what you want.


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