September 22, 2020
QTC joins TIPAAA to expand medical network
for Military Service Veterans - Physicians needed to reduce backlog for veteran claims

By: Lisa Peters

QTC has joined The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA) to expand QTC’s network of providers conducting Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) compensation and pension (C&P) examinations. C&P examinations are one-time medical exams that require no medical treatment and help hundreds of thousands of veterans receive compensation for disabilities attributed to military service.
School is back in session

By: BioReference

After most schools were cancelled early last spring due to COVID-19, back to school season may be a little different this year. As you round up the notebooks and sharpen the pencils, and get the kids back to their regular classrooms, schedules and teachers, it’s also time to think about regular immunizations. Vaccination throughout childhood is essential because it helps provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases. Here are some helpful reminders about regular immunizations to keep in mind as the school year starts – as provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Solve the 5 leading reasons for telehealth no-shows

By: Well Health

No show rates for telehealth are often 30 percent or higher, twice as much as for in-person visits. This hinders access to care for patients and creates a financial and administrative burden for physician practices. Here are five reasons patients miss telehealth appointments and what you can do to solve them.
Communication: Critical to patient health and wellness

By: Lisa Peters, WriteThen LLC

No doubt we are living in times of uncertainty. One day it seems like this pandemic is easing out the door and the next day it comes knocking again. If you are experiencing these weekly tosses and turns, imagine what’s going on in the minds of your patients. With communication as the cornerstone of healthcare, doctors should be a strong source of information on health and wellness for them. It's even more critical as in-person appointments have declined or been converted to virtual consults because of COVID-19. In a digital and mobile world, it's up to healthcare providers to keep that door of communication open and consistent.
As telemedicine replaces the physical exam, what are doctors missing?

By: Kristen Kendrick, NPR

Virtual medical appointments are more common since the coronavirus pandemic began. But without physical exams, doctors may miss certain diagnoses and miss out on building relationships with patients.
Doctors brace for a severe flu season, urge people to get flu shot now - Australia flu season sounds warning

By:Helena Oliviero, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Public health experts trying to predict the severity of the upcoming flu season in the U.S. often look to the Southern Hemisphere for clues. Here’s the word from Down Under, where winter recently ended:

Brace yourself, America.
Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman's death highlights growing cancer risk for young people

By: Kate Larsen. ABC News

Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman's, death at just 43 years old due to colon cancer highlights a risk that is affecting young people at much higher rates now than in previous decades.
In case you missed it
Breast milk may have antibodies that treat COVID-19 infection

By: Murphy Moroney, MSN
Honeybee venom kills aggressive breast cancer cells

By: MedicalNewsToday
California wildfires turn San Francisco Bay skies orange as thick smoke blocks sun

By: Travis Fedschun, Fox News
Asthma may not increase the risk of severe COVID-19

By: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
How colleges became the new COVID hot spots

By: Shawn Hubler and Anemona Hartocollis, New York Times
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