Roslyn Public Schools
Dear Roslyn Parents,

Starting on September 3, 2020, and going forward until further notice, we are implementing a COVID Self-Check Questionnaire that must be filled out daily for each of your children. This is in addition to the temperature checks that will be taken by school and transportation personnel.

It is crucial that this questionnaire be completed before students leave home to come to school. Please note that you will not be required to fill out this form on the days your child(ren) does not attend school.

On Monday, August 24, we are going to send a test email and text message that will contain the following link: It will direct you to the COVID Self-Check Questionnaire. You can choose to respond to whichever communication method you prefer (text or email).

Below you will find detailed instructions for completing the self screening. Prior to the first day of school, please fill it out and submit it for a test run. If you run into any technical issues, or have any questions, you may get assistance by sending an email to

If you do not receive this link as a text message and only as an email, it is because you need to update your cell phone in our student management system. Beginning Wednesday, August 26, you can update your mobile information by signing into from a computer web browser. On the left navigation menu, click on the link for Student Contact and Sibling Information Update and update your cell phone information. Please note, the PowerSchool platform is currently closed for the summer and will reopen on the 26th.

I know that remembering to complete this questionnaire everyday will have its challenges, and will add to your already hectic lives. But this is one important step in many that will help us keep our school community healthy and safe. Knowing that anyone who walks through our doors is being responsible for their own health is an important part of maintaining our plan to keep our school buildings open. This is a time for coming together and thinking about the well-being of others. Thank you in advance for actively participating in our new school protocols.


Allison Brown
Superintendent of Schools

How to Complete the Student COVID Self-Check Questionnaire

1. From either your computer or phone, login to

2. Click the Sign in With Google button and proceed with your child's Roslyn Google Credentials.

a. Your child's Roslyn Google username is his/her first initial and last name with the last two digits of the graduation year. For example my child's name is Jason Lopez and he will graduate in 2025 so his username is

b. If you are unsure of your child's Google password please contact the technology department by emailing

c. If you are newly enrolled to the district, your child's default Google password is Roslyn2020

3. Confirm you are using the proper Roslyn Google account for each child and press Log in when this screen pops up

*Please note, if you have multiple children in the district, you will have to log off after completion of the first screening to access your next child's Google account

4. Complete the following questionnaire, take your child's temperature and enter it into the Temperature field. Please note since you are logging in with your child's Google account, the first three fields (Screened by, First name, Last name) will be auto-populated with the information necessary.

You are required to fill out the following:
a. Choose your child's school building.
b. Enter your child's temperature.

If you answer yes to any of the questions, or enter a temperature over 100, you will receive the following display. Immediately call your child's school nurse.

The following page will be displayed with your child's unique QR code after you have successfully completed the questionnaire. Please note the same QR code will not be valid the following day. Please keep this email for confirmation that you have completed the form. Depending on the age of your child, he or she may be asked to show this confirmation when entering the building.

If you answer yes to any of the questions, or enter a temperature over 100, you will receive the following display. Immediately call your child's school nurse.