Roslyn Public Schools
Dear Roslyn Families,

The 2020-2021 school year will be our time to recover, rebuild and renew the spirit of the Roslyn Schools. Working together, educators, students, parents and community members will continue to address this challenge with resiliency, tenacity and grit.

The information below is to address key areas that we have been focused on as we plan for our school year.  I understand that there are many rumors circulating in our community as to how we will reopen and the models that have already been decided.  Although I understand everyone's eagerness to know for sure what school will look like in September, please understand that information is constantly changing, and until we have the official guidelines from the State at the appointed time, anything shared would only be based on theory and not facts. I will, of course, be keeping you updated on  those facts as we know for sure. Please know that anything can change dramatically at any moment; therefore, we are planning for several potential scenarios.

As we continue to plan for school reopening, we will focus on preventive actions in schools as it is related to health and safety.


Social and Emotional well-being must be our district's top priority in supporting school transitions, not at the expense of academics, but in order to create mental, social and emotional space for academic learning to occur.  Our team is working on a transition period to support social and emotional well-being and resiliency before phasing in academic content.  Our goal is to offer all students and staff opportunities to heal together, to build strong, mutually supportive relationships, and to process their own emotions.  We will be communicating our implementation plans with our families in the upcoming weeks.


School Schedules will be clearly communicated with as much advanced notice as feasible to students, families, caregivers, and staff.   The three models we are studying in depth are:

As we continue to develop these plans the following will be mandatory requirements:
  • Clear opportunities for equitable instruction for all students.
  • Maintain continuity of learning when using any of the three instructional models (in person, remote, hybrid)
  • Standards-based instruction
  • Substantive instruction (teacher to student and student to teacher)
  • Clear communication plans between parents and schools
  • In a hybrid model, siblings will remain on the same schedule to the extent possible

Technology, connectivity and sufficient access to a computing device and high-speed broadband is essential for educational equity. The district will address three key requirements:

All students K-12, who do not already have a district computer device, will be given a Chromebook at the beginning of the new school year. The district will provide instruction on using technology and IT support for students, teachers, and families. In addition, professional development for all staff on designing effective online/remote learning experiences and best practices for instruction in online/remote settings is taking place throughout the summer. 

As I have communicated before, we must all continue to practice social distancing, wear masks, and practice good hygiene, in order to help protect ourselves from the spread of COVID-19.  We are, and will continue to be, all in this together.


Allison Brown