April 24, 2020
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
A Special Message
Regarding the Search Committee
As parish leaders, we are committed to keeping all members informed about the search process for our new rector. This message is part of that commitment.

The Search Committee has been hard at work on our parish profile, and we anticipate that the work will resume soon. For the moment, however, the diocese has asked us to put our proceedings on hold. This request arose after several resignations (due to family relocation and other reasons) reduced the committee membership substantially. Indeed, only four of the ten Committee members originally selected by the Vestry remain on the committee. (Two subsequently appointed members also remain, resulting in a committee at only 60% of its original size.)
For the moment, the work of the Search Committee, including its subcommittees, is suspended.

Canon John Tidy will meet with the vestry soon to determine the best path forward. The parish profile is nearly complete, and the committee co-chairs will continue to confer. The committee itself, however, has temporarily suspended its work. Once the whole committee can be brought back to full strength it will resume its work.

We do not anticipate, at this time, that the short pause will result in any significant delay in the call of a new rector.

Bruce Hagemann and Lilla Whiteside,
Search Committee Co-Chairs
The Rev. Steve Carlsen, Interim Rector
Ray Warren, Senior Warden