Dear Friend of ABF,

We are thinking of you – I hope you are safe, well and healthy. These are hard days, and we are all doing the best we can. Please know that we are deeply grateful for your support and membership in our community.

We are also thinking about our alumnae, our ABF Trailblazers. These young women are facing new challenges due to changes at home and school. Their mentors may not be available due to remote learning, and the programs that help them develop confidence and self-esteem have been, in so many cases, cancelled or postponed.

In response to our current new “normal” we are working to support our alumnae in new and meaningful ways:
  • We have started a resource page on our website for girls and mentors – new links and programs are added regularly
  • We are sharing programming that is available through our peer organizations so that alumnae can participate, for example, this free leadership academy offered through Empower Leadership Academy
  • We are revisiting programming that alumnae told us they wanted in a recent survey and creating virtual opportunities like panel discussions and webinars with fellow Trailblazers and experts – stay tuned for more as these programs are launched!

Through all of the challenges we are facing, we are reminded on a daily basis of why we do what we do. Our mission is to help girls imagine something bigger; to develop confidence and self-esteem; to support a girl as she pursues her dream, providing grants, mentorship, and ongoing development opportunities. For example, Brooke Carey, D2D '15, went on a backpacking excursion through the Arctic National Wildlife of Alaska for 50 days through Camp YMCA Menogyn. Backpacking with three other high school girls and guided by a counselor in her twenties, Brooke learned how to work successfully with a team, increased her confidence, and her love for the wilderness and outdoors has now translated into an Environmental Studies and Education Major at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN.

While we are postponing our grant awards, we are accelerating our creation and launch of what we call “ongoing development opportunities,” ways that girls can continue to develop confidence and self-esteem in the face of this pandemic.

We recognize that you are looking for ways to get involved, and we would love to hear from you! Some ways you could help include:
  1. Follow us on social media AND share a post or two that are meaningful to you.
  2. If you are an ABF mentor, share with us how you and your grantee are continuing to stay in touch during these tumultuous times. Email us at info@annbancroftfoundation.org.
  3. Share resources and opportunities for girls K - 12, and young women enrolled in college. Email grants@annbancroftfoundation.org.
  4. Participate in one of our upcoming Virtual Focus Groups - we especially want participants in Greater MN (Girls - 6th grade and up, Activity Providers, Mentors & Parents). Email donnieb@annbancroftfoundation.org to receive an invitation.
  5. Join us as a volunteer on one of our committees - Outreach and Alumnae Relations. Email donnieb@annbancroftfoundation.org to learn how you can help and why we need you now, more than ever!

Of course, we would be grateful if you would consider making a gift to the Ann Bancroft Foundation--giving is easy, and your support of any amount will enable us to launch programs as we develop them to meet the needs of our ABF Trailblazers.

The future remains uncertain, but your support remains strong. Thank for your commitment, and support. Please, stay healthy, stay at home and stay in touch.

Sara Fenlason
Executive Director, Ann Bancroft Foundation
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