February 8, 2021
Lake Forest Community High School District 115 
Board of Education President David Lane
 In July 2020, the Lake Forest District 115 Board of Education voted to retain a nationally-renowned investigator of sexual misconduct in response to a complaint raised by a LFHS alum that a former staff member had an inappropriate relationship with him several decades ago while he was a LFHS student. This report is a result of that effort.
The Board opted to pursue a thorough third-party review – after local police concluded that no charges would be filed due to the passage of the statute of limitations – to fully assess the District’s past responses to allegations of inappropriate conduct and to examine the District’s current policies and procedures for responding to such allegations in a timely and appropriate manner. 
While the report outlines the many steps the District has already taken to enhance our responsiveness to allegations of inappropriate behavior, we are committed to taking further action to ensure we maintain a safe learning environment for all. The safety and well-being of our students is our highest responsibility as educators and school leaders. More information may be found on the District 115 Board of Education web page.