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A Message from CEO Bill Trigg
All of us have been dramatically affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. These social and economic shock waves have been felt across every segment of our society, including the Make-A-Wish community.

This past weekend, we had planned to celebrate our When Stars Align Wish Gala, honoring ALL the people who make wishes possible. This magical event ­­­- the single largest Make-A-Wish Northeast New York fundraiser of the year - had to be postponed from March 28 until June 4. Contingency plans are being formulated to hold a virtual Gala online if large gatherings are still not recommended, or even banned, into late spring. The safety of our wish kids and families, our volunteers and our supporters comes first. I hope for all of us to be together on June 4 in person! But if not, we will still gather as a community online.

Sadly, other internal and external events have also been postponed, if not outright canceled, over the course of the past two weeks. Numerous additional fundraising efforts are also curtailed. The financial toll this will have on our chapter has yet to be measured – but it would be naïve to think Make-A-Wish will be immune from the painful financial impact that continues to affect so many of our friends and supporters.

Most unfortunate, however, is that wishes had to put on hold . The moratorium, part of a larger mosaic of everyday life grinding to a halt in many sectors of society, had to be implemented to keep our wish kids and their families safe.

Now what?

First, while wishes may be on hold, the hopes and dreams of our wish kids are not! And we will not let those hope and dreams become a casualty of this crisis ... because Make-A-Wish is all about providing hope, strength and joy to children and teens with critical illnesses and their families.

Second, those aspirational words refer to what wishes bring wish kids and their families going through a medical crisis. But they also refer to what all of us need right now to overcome this public health emergency:

  • The hope that we all remain safe and healthy;
  • The strength we all must draw upon to manage through this time of trial, and;
  • The joy, however distant it may seem, that we will all feel when we have overcome the pandemic.

Third, for Make-A-Wish Northeast New York the end of this pandemic will mark our return to granting the heartfelt wish of every eligible child with a critical illness in the 518 and 838 area codes. It will also give rise to exciting events designed to celebrate the power of wish, to aid the chapter in generating vital resources to fulfill the mission, and to forge a closer-knit Make-A-Wish community.

The question is … when?

Right now, we just don’t know. The uncertainty around how this crisis continues to unfold is extremely frustrating. Every day brings a new set of concerns and predictions.

This much we do know for certain:

Wishes are waiting.

This ironclad fact drives us every moment of every day, even while much of everything else remains unsettled at best.

This is why our professional team and Board of Trustees continue to work closely together – safely and remotely – with an eye on the day we return to wish granting.

The hope will always be there. The strength will always be there. And the joy will return.

With your shared commitment to our mission, and your continued investment, Make-A-Wish Northeast New York will be ready. Thank you for your partnership with us!

With immense gratitude,

Bill Trigg, III
CEO, Make-A-Wish Northeast New York
So Many Thanks to So Many People
There are many people in the Make-A-Wish community we would like to thank and offer support to during this crisis:

Heroes can wear all sorts of masks … A sincere thank you to our friends and partners at  Albany Medical Center The University of Vermont Medical Center , and all the  doctors nurses , child life specialists and other medical professionals everywhere working bravely and selflessly on the front lines. As the hashtag says, you all really are #healthcareheroes.

Thank you to all our donors and sponsors who continue to give hope, strength and joy to our wish kids and families. This is especially true of local business owners: Any way you can help them, and each other, get through this period would be greatly appreciated and remembered by all.

Thank you to our volunteers, especially our wish granters who continue to work on the preliminary stages of wishes, with an eye on that eventually they will be granted.

Thank you to the wish kids and families who have made Messages of Hope for fellow wish kids waiting on their wishes. And a final thanks to wish kids and families patiently as possible waiting on their wishes: Know you are constantly in our thoughts, and your wishes will be granted.

Even in this most difficult of times, there is much for which we are grateful.

Make-A-Wish is one large extended family. Even though we are being kept apart for now, we will get through this together.