A Note to EAI Supporters and Friends

Normally we cover only EAI and elephant-related news in our monthly e-newsletter. But these are not normal times.

There is no way to tell how long the coronavirus crisis will last or how it will change our lives, either temporarily or permanently. At this moment, the unknowns seem to dwarf what we do know. We feel frightened and vulnerable.

But we are lucky to live in a time when, even if we cannot be together physically, we have multiple ways of communicating.

And that is what we must do -  communicate and remember that we are not alone.

We may have to rely on phones and computers to be in each other's presence but that is where and how we will find our greatest strength - together.

I find it comforting to look to elephants for a model. Elephants live in fission/fusion societies, coming together or separating depending on resources and needs. Even when they are miles apart, however, elephants stay in touch by communicating infrasonically. Their bonds may stretch but they do not break.

We at EAI send all of you our best wishes. Stay safe and stay in touch. We need each other.

EAI Board Member to Oversee WWF Asia-Pacific Operations

Elephant Aid International is delighted that A. Christy Williams, a member of EAI's Board of Directors and long-time friend and colleague, has been appointed interim regional director of the World Wildlife Fund's Asia-Pacific operations.

Based in Yangon, Myanmar, Christy supervises nine WWF International-managed offices in the region. Previously Christy served as WWF Myanmar country director.

We know Christy will bring much to his new role and continue his work to improve elephant welfare.

EAI eleFAQs: What Do You Want to Know?

  • Who weighs more - Asian or African savannah elephants?
  • How many muscles does an elephant's trunk have?
  • What do you call female elephant's small tusks? *
* See answers at the end of this item.

We get a lot of questions about elephants so a new section of the EAI website gives you answers. You'll find information on the different elephant species, important body parts, life stages, social connections and much more.

If you have a burning question about elephants not covered in the eleFAQs, let us know . We just added a new fact on elephant tails and will continue to post new information.

EAI Honor Cards - An Inspiring Story to Share

What better way to bring your friends and loved ones joy than by sharing the story of Sonton Kali and Sompa Kali in Nepal? They celebrate every day together in a chain-free yard thanks to the efforts of EAI and you, our supporters!

EAI honor cards feature these two best friends who have a deep and enduring bond. You can print the cards and give them for birthdays, Mother's Day or any day to honor the special individuals in your life.

Give the gift of joy to elephants in need and celebrate the people you love with a donation in their honor to EAI.
As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants possible. Thank you!
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