Affordability. Simplicity. Ease of installation.

The new VDO AcquaLink system, named a 2016 Top Product by Boating Industry for innovation and advancement in instrumentation, is an advanced, NMEA2000-based marine monitoring system that can be easily installed on both new and old vessels -- even pre-NMEA boats with older analog engines. Made with legendary VDO craftsmanship and quality, VDO AcquaLink incorporates sensors, displays, gauges and 'black boxes' that tie all engine, navigation, and operation inputs into a combined network. The network can display any and all data on the Main Bridge/Helm, Fly Bridge and Aft Docking Station, using multifunction TFT liquid-crystal displays and premium-design VDO AcquaLink instruments.

Although boatbuilders and retrofitters have been able to combine analog and digital systems, the expense and complexity made it prohibitive for all but the most ambitious projects. VDO AcquaLink now makes multiple-protocol monitoring integration affordable on most every budget.

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