Dear Pine Cobble Community,

We are approaching the end of our second week of remote learning for this academic year and your children have been busy! At the time of this writing, students have posted 1,736 times on Seesaw. If you are interested in what type of learning has been happening at Pine Cobble, you could ask a fourth grader about their tin foil boat, a sixth grader about interjections, or a Beginner about perseverance and the Little Engine That Could. Remote learning is certainly going full steam ahead!

Even though we aren't together in the classroom right now, strong connections are forming between students and their peers, and students and their teachers. We know that for remote learning to be successful it requires a strong partnership between us. We also know that it can bring challenges as you create time, space, routine, and support for learning at home. So, thank you for your support and engagement in this process.

The number of technological issues continues to decrease from last week. Please continue to use this form for any problems you encounter.

Together, we are Pine Cobble.


Devin Wootton