October 16, 2020

Dear LFHS Parents and Guardians,

I hope you are well. I am happy to report that we have had a very successful reopening of our building to students, as we welcomed the Class of 2024 to campus this week. This would not have been possible without the dedication of our faculty, staff, newly-hired Instructional Supervisors, administration, and the D115 Board of Education. 

Whether your student is learning in-person or remotely, thank you for your understanding and support, as we continue on our reopening journey together. 

As we close this week, there are a few items that I would like to share with you. 

Honoring In-Person and Remote Learning Preference Selection 

Thank you for completing the survey regarding your student’s preference for in-person or remote learning. 

It is really important for students to follow the preference selection previously chosen, every day. This is not something students can self-select on any given day. Our teachers have to plan around the preference that was previously selected and align teaching, learning, preparation, and access to course materials and resources based on this selection. 

If a student is scheduled to attend in-person, we are expecting them here on their scheduled days of the week. Otherwise, we expect attendance needs and changes to be communicated and vetted with the Deans and/or the Attendance Office. This will allow us to properly communicate with teachers. You can email your student’s Dean or reach out to the Attendance line at (847) 582-7500 or by email at attendance115@lfschools.net.

In the case that you do not remember your preference selection or you would like to make a change from in-person to remote learning, please contact Kat Berger by email (kberger@lfschools.net) or by calling (847) 582-7311. As a reminder, once a decision is made to change to remote learning for the semester, it cannot be changed to e-Hybrid learning. 

Upcoming Faculty and Staff Blended/Remote Learning Planning Day 

Wednesday, November 18th will serve as our next Blended/Remote Learning Planning Day for LFHS faculty and staff. The Illinois Board of Education (ISBE) has granted Illinois school districts planning days to support blended and remote learning for staff. 

This will be a non-attendance day for all students. The building will only be open to staff during the day. 

Forthcoming Information - Weekly Schedule for Thanksgiving and Semester Exam Information 

The schedule for the week of Thanksgiving will be communicated within the next two weeks. Additional information regarding semester exams will be communicated no later than November 20th. 

While we are finalizing schedules, please be advised that schedules may change, if there is a need for us to pivot from our planning. Thank you for your understanding. 

Upcoming Schedules and Calendars

  • Monday, October 19th (Special Schedule - Color/BW)*
  • Monday, October 26th (Regular e-Hybrid Schedule -  Color/BW
  • Monday, November 2nd (Special Schedule - Color/BW)*

I hope that you have a peaceful and safe weekend. Our faculty is looking forward to engaging with you next week during Parent/Teacher Conferences. We are also looking forward to welcoming our Sophomores back to campus. 

With gratitude,
Chala Holland
LFHS Principal