Dear friends:

I want to make you aware of an act of vandalism on our church campus last evening. Around 8:15 pm, three banners displayed on our grounds along Fordham Boulevard were set on fire. One banner that read VOTE was substantially burned and had to be removed. The other two banners, one reading BLM (for Black Lives Matter), and the rainbow banner (Love is Love...) were partially singed.

Our weekly vigil from 5-6pm occurred without incident and included the voicing of names of Black men and women lost to violence and police brutality. With each name participants lit a candle.

We will not be deterred or intimidated by anyone who senselessly sets fire to messages of justice and love. I know these are stressful days filled with uncertainties over Tuesday’s election. But do not be afraid—-together we will continue to stand in solidarity with those who’ve endured violence and been denied justice. Our prayers are crucial in the ongoing struggle for peace in our nation and neighborhoods.

And if you haven’t yet done so....Vote.

With much affection for you,
Your Pastor
Marcus McFaul