Hello Glenbard West Community - 
We are nearing the end of our third week of E-Learning. I wanted to take a minute to inform you of the latest decisions and developments from Glenbard West and Glenbard District Office as we move forward. As you know, under the Stay-at-Home order from Governor Pritzker, the earliest Glenbard West could return to face-to-face instruction is May 4. This may be extended, depending on public health requirements. Any extension beyond May 4 will be communicated from the District and my office immediately.  
I wanted to be sure and commend our students who continue to work hard under these difficult and unprecedented circumstances. The District Office and each of the Glenbard schools surveyed our students as a way to fully understand some of the challenges that they have encountered. Keeping those things in mind and in an effort to improve our remote learning practices, a number of key changes were made that should further refine how we deliver instruction. Below I have outlined some of the significant changes in store for our students starting on Monday, April 13.  We have discussed these in detail with our teachers and staff. Before you get into the details, let me highlight a few key concepts:
Note that the summary below is spelled out in greater detail in the Student FAQ sheet that is linked at the bottom of this page.  
Changes for students starting Monday, April 13
Schedule:  Student E-Learning days will now take place Monday through Thursday with Friday used as non-attendance days for students and meeting/planning days for licensed staff.
Weekly Timeline for Students:  Classes are now staggered throughout the week, Periods 1, 3, 5, and 7 meet on Monday and Wednesday while Periods 2, 4, 6, and 8 meet on Tuesday and Thursday (see the schedule in FAQ document below ). Students should have at least 24 hours to complete work after it is assigned.  
Check-In:  Each class will now have a 30-minute check-in time each week via Google Hangout Meets . Check-in time allows teachers the opportunity to connect with students in real-time and promote ideas that support coursework (including Social- Emotional Learning). While check-in time is not mandatory for students, it is highly recommended.
Grading: While students have the opportunity to increase their grades and enhance their GPA, during remote learning, in general, student grades will not decrease from any E-Learning coursework. Glenbard District 87 student semester grades will be represented as a 5, 4, 3, or PASS. A PASS grade is defined as a student earning credit for the course, but not earning a letter grade that would contribute to a GPA. There may be times when students receive either an incomplete or a NO GRADE.  Students are highly encouraged to remain engaged and work as best they can during our remote learning timeline. 
Final Exams: Should the Stay-at-Home order be extended to the end of the year, Glenbard will still administer final exams on May 20 - 22. 
See the new Glenbard Student FAQ sheet (translations included) LINK .
Parents and students, I hope it is clear to you how much Glenbard West wants to support our students. Our teachers and staff are highly competent, and I believe we are up to this challenge. Students who struggle should reach out to teachers, counselors, deans, and/or administration, all of whom are all here to support them and get us through this difficult time. Remember, we will get through this; we will persevere. As always, feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns. Stay safe, stay distant!

Best Regards, 

Peter Monaghan