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We are passing along this special message from FBI Director Christopher Wray on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Please give this information the widest possible distribution to your Chapter members.
A Message from Director Wray to the FBICAAA on the 18th Anniversary of 9/11.

September 11, 2019

To All -

Today marks the 18 th anniversary of the September 11 th attacks. This day in history will always mean something to us in the FBI, as a nation, and as Americans. This day represents hatred and loss. But it also represents sacrifice and selflessness. It represents grit and resilience and strength in the face of great adversity. It represents the way that Americans from all walks of life - with different backgrounds and beliefs - can stand together as one when tragedy strikes home. And nearly two decades later, it has come to represent the FBI's continued ability to adapt to a changing world, and to stay laser focused on keeping our country safe from an attack like this again. 
As I visit field offices and walk the halls of Headquarters, I see that our workforce is evolving. Many of the folks who lived through the dark days of 9/11 have retired or moved on, and then there are folks here now who were school age when the attacks happened. But we all feel the impact of that day, no matter where we were or what we lived through.
That's one of the reasons I added a visit to the National September 11  Memorial and Museum for all new agents and intelligence analysts at Quantico, so that they can see and feel firsthand what that day was like, and why we've transformed the way we do our work in so many ways. We've integrated intelligence into every program and every investigation. We're working in new ways with new partners. And we're thinking not just about current threats, but about what new dangers may lie ahead.
Ask anyone who was working for the FBI on September 11 th and in the weeks and months afterward, and they'll all say the same thing:  After that terrible day, we had one purpose - to make sure nothing like it ever happened again. Despite the passage of time, we must never forget that feeling, and we should honor the anniversary of 9/11 by renewing our commitment to protect the American people. 
We've all seen the additions to the Wall of Honor. And more and more, we hear about members of the FBI family who are fighting for their lives due to 9/11-related illnesses. We can never adequately express our gratitude and admiration for the folks who walked the walk when it mattered most. 
Let's all take a moment to remember the men and women at the FBI, and around the law enforcement community, who dropped everything and raced toward danger without a second thought. We honor them by forging ahead, and by staying focused on why we do the work, who we do the work with, and who we do the work for.
Thank you.
Chris Wray
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