The Rev. David Lynch; Rector; Episcopal Church of the Resurrection; Blue Springs, MO
From the Rector . . .                         July 29, 2016
Message from Fr. David

Dear Friends in Christ,
Wow!...  I have now joyfully celebrated my 7th month with you as your priest, rector and pastor.   I would like to take a barometer reading on how we are doing together.  I have had the opportunity to visit with many of you in person, as part of pastoral care, and just to come by and say hello.  As your pastor, it is so very important to me that you help me grow as a new priest in this wonderful parish. 

I have been very grateful for all your patience, perseverance and assistance as Debbie and I Fr. David Lynch have become a part of this parish family.  I will continue to reach out to all of you to get your feedback and to hear your stories, wishes and visions for how Resurrection parish can continue to be the parish we want it to be.  I am very aware that my personality and how I present myself may be very different than your previous rector.  And I hope and pray that if you have any comments for me on how I can better relate to you, that you will not hesitate to reach out to me personally to share your thoughts, ideas and criticisms of me as your priest.

Much like my predecessor, I come to you as a newly ordained priest, from a previous longtime vocation, needing to be molded and shaped by a loving parish.  It is my prayer that our relationship together will grow and flourish in ways that I need to grow to best serve and represent you for years to come.  To that end, please remember that through the course of time, it is the partnership of priest and parish that help to make the parish grow in the life that Christ has intended, and when God calls a priest to service, it is the parish that remains consistent, even when the priest is called away to another ministry.  All this said, I want all of us to be open and honest in our feelings, and without hesitations, to communicate with each other and without being afraid of reproach or criticism.

I am very excited about where God and you have called me, and I want to make sure that you know that and that your comments are always welcome and anticipated.  This time with you has already gone by quickly, more than I can believe.  Please join me with prayers that the future time together will be, by the grace of God, a continued great journey together in building God's kingdom.   I will continue to reach out to all of you to personally meet with you at your convenience.   Please feel comfortable to contact me by phone, email or by appointment to meet at your home, or in the office, or at another convenient place.

Thank you all so much for making Debbie and me welcomed and loved in our parish family!

Most  sincerely,
Fr.  David