The Rev. David Lynch; Rector; Episcopal Church of the Resurrection; Blue Springs, MO
From the Rector . . .                         October 8, 2016
Message from Fr. David

Stewardship preparation begins . . . 
If you have been paying attention to the scripture readings and my sermons over the last few weeks, we have been hearing about the importance of how to use the gifts God has given us to care for others. We have heard stories about how to use our gifts, talents and money to further the cause of Jesus' great commandment to love and serve God unconditionally. This translates to us in ways that challenge us to include the church in our priorities of where we spend and use our money. We must ask ourselves, what does   
Resurrection church offer to us that is important enough to pledge a portion of our financial resources?
Fr. David LynchI am continually overwhelmed by the generosity of our parish family. We continue to support outreach programs that care for school children, the homeless, food pantries, providing service at Episcopal Social Services to feed the hungry and many more programs. The parish continues to worship in an incredibly beautiful church building that was recently renovated to reflect the worship and liturgy of this parish family.
Now it is time to again consider the importance of making a pledge to support Resurrection Church. If you have never pledged, or if you have not increased your pledge in a long time, prayerfully consider doing so. Many choose to give cash or write checks that come to the altar in the service to be blessed. Let us help you identify your contributions by pledging so we can provide you a statement at the end of the year that will help with your taxes.
In the next few weeks we will hear more about pledging, completing and turning in a pledge card, and hopefully getting a better understanding of what it really means to give money to the church, and make a pledge that serves as a commitment to give for the work of God and his church. With Christ as our guide....
Fr. David