A Message from HVBRA President, Thomas S. Tripodianos
Dear HVBRA Member,

I hope you are doing well as we all work to operate efficiently and effectively in this “new normal”. Now more than ever, we must focus, and put an emphasis, on political advocacy, as it is the most important thing an HBA and its members can be doing now. Yesterday, NYSBA sent an email to all members stating the importance of getting politically involved by contributing to BUILD PAC.
NYSBA is working diligently for members every day at the State Capital, allowing for our voices to be heard! Over the past months, we have all seen how state government can have a significant impact on our businesses. That is why NYSBA is working to get legislation passed in Albany that would designate residential construction as an essential business. If we were to unfortunately be shut down again, our industry will be able to continue working safely. NYSBA is also actively advocating on issues such as Prevailing Wage, Scaffold Law Reform, Rent Control, Overzealous Environmental Regulation and Vested Rights. 

As we all know, New York State is the most regulated state in the country. That is why it could not be more important to support and elect legislators who will look out for our best interests. We need legislators in office who will help us with the above mentioned issues affecting our industry.

Next month, I would like to be in a position of contributing $5,000 on behalf of the HVBRA. I am calling on each member to do their best to help us reach that goal. We are counting on members to support this effort. Please consider donating to the BUILD PAC and get involved in advocating for your business and your industry.


Thomas S. Tripodianos
Hudson Valley Builders & Remodelers Association