November 4, 2022

Dear Houston Christian Community and Friends,
Over the next two weeks, we will welcome finalists to the Houston Christian campus. Please remember, they evaluate us as much as we assess them. Thank you for caring so much about this critical and exciting moment in the life of Houston Christian. We have structured the campus visits to most effectively provide feedback to our Search Committee. We will have specific meetings with candidates for faculty/staff, senior-level administrators, student leaders, and representative groups of parents and community members. If you are designated to attend one of these meetings, you will receive a separate invitation.
We are inviting representative groups of parents and community members rather than conduct “town hall” style meetings. If you are invited to one or more of these “Community Meet and Greets” and can attend, we will gratefully receive your feedback electronically after each meeting.
If you are not invited to attend any specific meetings, we invite you to submit your thoughts online based on the candidates’ backgrounds and biographies as provided on our website the night prior to each candidate's visit. You can do so by emailing me at We sincerely value input from our community members.
Here are some additional details about the planned visit:
  • The Education Group has contractually, and the search committee has voluntarily, done extensive reference checks on all finalists. In addition, Houston Christian conducts additional background, criminal, credential, and other safety checks in its hiring practices.
  • We told our candidates they would answer various prepared and impromptu questions for two days. Some of these questions will come in one-on-one meetings, and some in front of groups. We can only imagine how challenging and exhausting the days will be. The Search Committee is confident that two days of heartfelt questions, discussions, answers, and opinions will stand on their own merit and provide the information needed for the committee to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees regarding our next Head of School.

We are grateful for your continued prayers and support. Inspired by the Gospel and sustained by God's grace, we are confident in this process and the blessings it will bring to our community.
Best regards,
Kevin McDonald
HCHS Trustee and Head of School Search Committee Chair