September 6, 2022

Dear Houston Christian Family and Friends,

I’m happy to provide an update to the Houston Christian community regarding our progress in the search for the next Head of School. Before beginning the update, I would like to share that prayer has been an important part of the Search Committee process, and we request your continued prayers for the success of this search.

Much has been accomplished over the last few weeks of the summer as well as the first few weeks of the school year. Our Search Committee has met virtually several times and finalized the process and schedule of the search. The Education Group (“TEG”), our search consultants, have been busy promoting the Head of School opportunity and talking with many potential applicants and their references.
TEG recently reported receiving a strong interest in the position, and they are working closely with 15-20 excellent candidates who have each completed the application process. In order to process the vast amount of application material, TEG is presenting these candidates in two batches (divided simply by alphabetical order). Over the next few weeks, our Search Committee will be reading and absorbing the fruits of this process. We have developed a matrix to assess and compare the candidates that allows the Search Committee members to rate the specific strengths of each candidate as well as their overall “fit” for Houston Christian. Through this process, we expect to narrow the field to approx. 5-8 semi-finalists.

Our process will continue from this point according to the following tentative schedule:

  • September — TEG provides the Search Committee with Candidate Packets (including letters of interest, resumes, educational philosophies, references, summary analyses, etc.)

  • September — The Search Committee reviews and rates Candidate Packets in preparation for a meeting to select approximately 6-8 semi-finalists

  • September-October — The Search Committee conducts Zoom interviews with semi-finalists and continues reference checking

  • October — The Search Committee meets to select 3-4 finalists and completes further interviews, reference calls, and background checks

  • October-November — Each finalist visits campus separately for two days of meetings with the Search Committee, Board of Trustees, and constituent groups (parents, students, teachers, alumni, etc.)

  • November — Search Committee recommends the Head of School Designate for approval by the Board of Trustees; if approved, an agreement is negotiated and finalized

  • December — the Head of School Designate is announced, with a projected starting date of July 1, 2023

This is an involved process that is designed to deliver the best possible person to lead Houston Christian High School in the coming years. Each of us has an important role to play. I want to especially thank our Search Committee for their many hours of hard work and dedication. Thanks again to everyone who has participated in meetings and completed the survey that allowed us to produce a comprehensive Head of School Position Profile (a copy of which is on our school website under “Head of School Search”). Thank you, in advance, to everyone who will participate in meet-and-greet gatherings to get to know the finalists.

As a quick reminder, the search process conforms to best practices for faith-based, independent schools of our type and follows all legal requirements. Therefore, confidentiality (particularly regarding the deliberations of the Search Committee and Board of Trustees) is of utmost importance. Thank you for respecting this process and demonstrating the core values of Houston Christian.

We will keep you apprised of our progress throughout the search process. Should you have questions about the search process that are not answered in our routine communications, please direct all inquiries to me by email at
Very truly yours,
Kevin M. McDonald
Search Committee Chair